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Lizzibear Gifts Listeners with Her Soothing Vocal Sound on, "Out of the Blue"

Love is one topic that indie/pop artist Lizzibear can't get enough of. As a hopeless romantic, Lizzibear is all for generating those types of songs that express deep, genuine affection.

From the butterflies that tickle the inside of your stomach, to the warm sensation that washes over someone from endless love, Lizzibear enjoys singing about all the steps involved in such an emotionally poignant process.

"Out of the Blue" is the latest love-filled song by Lizzibear, which captures a deep, mystic, and ethereal-like atmosphere. Diving right into her vocal approach, Lizzibear chose to exploit an echoing effect for her vocals in order to attribute to the delicate nature of the song. "Out of the Blue" surrounds themes of love and self-discovery, as Lizzibear sings along to a storyline involving the steps of falling in love.

"Out of the Blue" lyrics may very well reach out and tug on your heartstrings, which was Lizzibear's intentional doing, as she truly remains a real believer of love. In the end, "Out of the Blue" brought upon a ton of affecting emotions that made the song all the more stirring.

"Out of the Blue" is now available on streaming platforms.

Welcome and congratulations on the successful debut of "Out of the Blue." How does it feel to have your love-inspired single finally released and out to your listening base?

It feels so good any time I get to release a new track. This one was a surprise release and quite literally out of the blue so I’m glad that it was received so well in the short time it’s been out. This was also the first time I wrote, sang, produced, mixed, mastered and even played bass for one of my songs so I was even more excited to show the world what I could do and what I’ve learned.

Was there a certain response you were seeking from the release of "Out of the Blue?"

My hope is that people who hear this will resonate with that time in their life when everything felt hopeless until that light came on and you finally came to realize your path or purpose. That it truly does get better. It’s a wonderfully freeing feeling.

Was there a personal involvement in the narrative projected within "Out of the Blue?" Where did you extract such influence for the content you decided to sing?

I wrote this song to be a much longer story. It started out with feelings of remorse or regret over past choices and asking how did I let it get so bad until out of nowhere there was “you”. All the bad didn’t matter because I had them in my life. So I had the thought to cut away all the other parts because none of that mattered and I’m at a point in my life where I am healed and questioned even “dwelling” on it for the sake of the song. It’s sweet and simple but honest and pure. I hope that my listeners like the mood of this one.

Are there any upcoming projects set to be released within the near future?

Yes! I’m putting together some songs I wrote with Daniel Frausto. He is also the guitarist, pianist, and drummer in “Out of the Blue” and I love what we have created working so closely over this unprecedented pandemic and lock-down. He is such a multi-talented musician and I’m lucky to be able to learn so much from such an established creative. I am also working with other artists and just trying to hammer out details to wrap up a few projects. It’s taken some time because they are out promoting, performing, and recording for their own albums while we collaborate. One upcoming song I can tell you about in more detail is a duet that I’m very excited to share with the world. I wrote it during the BLM movement shortly after George Floyd was murdered. It’s unlike any of my other songs and has a real feeling of awakenings and coming together but it’s also a protest song with a strong message to stand up and fight the atrocities in our world. My friend and amazing artist Jeiris Cook were gracious enough to add a few verses for it and sing it with me. I’m also working on recording the full version of what “Out of the Blue” was going to be. Likely titled “Then There Was You”.

Lots going on and you will be hearing more from me soon.


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