LLV Brings us Expression From Within

LLV’s unique style shines through his music clearly and vividly. Though, this artist attended Lewis Catholic University to receive his Bachelor’s degree in Business, a stark contrast to writing and producing music. LLV’s talent and passion for music couldn’t be beaten. Today he brings us his new, fresh single “Some Slight,” and we loved every minute of it.

The stringed melody that starts off the song captures a mysterious and almost melancholy vibe. This song keeps things quite downtempo but will never have you dozing off. The percussion keeps things interesting throughout the song, while LLV’s vocals sit steadily on top and take us somewhere new. Each line flows into the next with every color you could imagine, but yet it’s unified within the overall atmosphere of the song. This song mixes the melodic elements of Hip Hop with rhythmic elements of R&B while remaining innovative in textures and sounds.LLV’s “Some Slight” was a game-changer for us, and you’ll want it all over your favorite playlist all year long. Seemingly without effort, LLV keeps us returning for more with his new song “Some Slight.”

Be sure to listen to “Some Slight” here.

Hello LLV! Welcome to Buzzmusic. We hear you went to school to receive your Bachelor’s degree in Business. What drove you to create music? Was this always a passion you’ve had? Listening to music I believe drove me to creating music, since my early childhood I was always interested in music that was played on the radio. I wanted to learn how to make songs like the ones I was most interested in. 

We loved the vibe you captured in “Some Slight”. Can you tell us more behind the meaning of the song and the production that went along with it? Some Slight is just a term used to describe a fun time. the instrumental I produced using the native instrument product Maschine studio. while making the beat to "SomeSlight" or any some I make I usually just start humming to the melody until I come up with something I like. 

Who are your top influences in music? How do you think they shape your artistry? Fletcher my top influencer currently her song "forever" is dope I like the production, the song shapes me to want to do more.

What is your ultimate goal in the music industry? Is this being worked on or put into place for the near future? I think I would say getting discovered or working with artists in different genres. 

What's next for LLV? 

LLV just drop an album/mixtape titled Placebo, what's next is my last album this year titled "I'm 25" which will feature a song I think will change hip-hop called " Kool Beans " which will be released later this month.