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LNDN Brings His Pop Sound To A "Life Like That"

With a minimalistic approach to the pop scene, LNDN is an up-and-coming artist from Vancouver Island dedicated to connecting with fans through the art he creates. Through piecing together dreamy layered harmonies that speak to the themes of living authentically, LNDN explores life's most important lessons through the beauty of music.

His free-flowing vocals' effortless ease has his audience immersed in a heightened state of peace, while the unique soundscape keeps you grounded deep within reality.

Taking a listen to the most recent single to grace the music catalog of LNDN, "Life Like That," has us traveling through the depths of the emerging artist's mind. Swooning over his angelic croons, the intimacy professed in LNDN's lyrical motifs is rather captivating. Of course, this is rather fitting "Life Like That" visuals to accompany the sonic bliss. Teaming up with director extraordinaire Graham Dorsay, the two get together to convey a brilliant representation that speaks into the questions and doubts we hold onto.

The scenes that occupy the screen mesmerizingly are inspired by LNDN's struggles between moving from rural landscapes and bustling cities to laid-back coastal towns. "Life Like That" explores the moody ambiance that the filmic component carries through color grading. Watching LNDN navigate his way through a wooded area filled with curiosity is a bold expression in this thought-provoking piece. Making his way to freedom, we bask in LNDN's journey as if we're along for the ride. The artistry that has gone into this piece blows our minds with how inclusive it is for viewers to absorb.

Letting go of any hesitation and allowing yourself to fall deep into the rabbit hole, "Life Like That" channels the feeling of unbridled ambition as he pushes through the noise to bring lyrical honesty to the mainstream.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, LNDN! The music video for "Life Like That" brings us in for the long haul. We couldn't take our eyes off the screen. What inspired this abstract concept for the music video?

Thanks so much, that's great to hear! Some of the images just showed up in my head at work one day, like crashing a dirtbike through boxes and the doorframe slamming in the middle of a forest. With everything else, we took the line "Alice through the Looking Glass" and ran with it. That turned the boxes into playing cards, the truck into a tea party, time slowing down, the mirror, the flower petals…etc.

What was it like working with Graham Dorsay to bring life into this piece? Can you share any memorable moments on set to make this experience that much more rewarding?

He was awesome. He's incredibly collaborative, creative, and hard-working. We just had a lot of fun on set, figuring it out as we went along. I think the funniest moment was shooting the water scene (verse 2). I'm lying down in cold ocean water in January, Graham is ankle-deep, and as he's circling around me, our friend Chris is chucking flower pedals over his shoulder at me. And since we were shooting slow-mo, we had to speed the song up, so it sounds like I'm a chipmunk. We must have looked insane to anyone watching. That scene looks great, so it was worth the near hypothermia.

What is the main message you hope to convey to your audience through your art?

I don't really have a core message. I'm just trying to be as honest as I can and hope that it connects with people. This industry often encourages posturing and pretending to be something you're not, so if my music doesn't do that, then it's a win for me.

How does "Life Like That" represent you as an artist and individual?

It's a good summary. The song is kind of an analysis of the past nine years and where I'm at now. I couldn't have predicted any of it. And I'm grateful for a lot of it. And I regret some of it, but if I went back in time and changed some decisions, then I'd find other things to regret. And it represents that brief moment in high school when I wanted to become a career stuntman.

What's next for you?

I'm writing more songs. I have a collaboration coming out hopefully in the next few months. I'd love to play some shows this summer. So we'll see. I'm really happy with the response to Life Like That, so right now, I'm just taking it in. Thanks for having me on!

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