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Lo Lo Released The Contagious Pop Record “Sweater Collection”

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Lo Lo has become an undeniable gem in the cities pop scene. The singer-songwriter created a striking presence both online and off with her effortlessly cool attitude and alluring ability to captivate her audience. Lo Lo isn’t just your typical pop star--between her witty lyrical style and infectiously catchy production, Lo Lo’s relatable and honest music covers the highs and lows of love and heartbreak while retaining the upbeat danceability of pop.

Lo Lo released her single titled “Sweater Collection” and we were completely enticed by her lush and prolific vocals, combined with the flourishing deluxe pop beat that reminds me of a song I'd hear on the radio today. Lo Lo has the full package of a rising pop diva. The image, vocal style, trendy hits, and appealing image to attract a large fanbase.  With songs like “Sweater Collection”, the current generation will have an upbeat hit to dance to and become uplifted by. The rhythm to “Sweater Collection” makes for a great “let loose and dance” vibe, and the energy of her vocals projected the contagious hook and meaningful lyrics effortlessly. LoLo sings in a delicate vocal tone while still powerfully showcasing dynamics in her range by releasing full force belts in a stylistic manner to keep the bubblegum pop creation alive!  “Sweater Collection” is the hit of the generation and if you need a perfect dance groove with romantically compelling lyrics then this record is the song for you!

Give a listen to "Sweater Collection" here, and get to know Lo Lo better through her exclusive interview with BuzzMusic below!


Hello Lo Lo, welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? How did you get into music?

Hey, Thank you! I’m a singer/songwriter from Toronto. Just your average girl who happens to to document her life in song form. Since I was a kid, I’ve always been obsessed with singing, but I got really into it when I was in grade 9 after my guitar teacher encouraged me to try writing songs. Once I started, I just never stopped. It’s pretty addictive. 

How does “Sweater Collection” differentiate itself from your previous releases?

My previous 2 releases were telling a very specific story in each song. Sweater Collection tells a more general story, about an ongoing thing that keeps happening to me in my life. It’s a broader take on heartbreak. I think it really ties all of the songs on my EP together, which is a reason why I decided to name my EP after it. 

What is the meaning behind “Sweater Collection”?

I was cleaning out my closet when I realized that I had gotten myself quite the sweater collection— meaning sweaters that I had gotten from guys I had been seeing in the past. These days, it really seems like a sweater is a deposit for a “relationship”. A guy likes you, he gives you his sweater to take home…But what happens when you are no longer talking to that person? What the hell are you supposed to do with all their shit? That’s what Sweater Collection is about.

Is there any specific lyrical arrangements you were going for in “Sweater Collection“?

I definitely wanted to get across that I was talking about numerous people in the lyrics. A lot of people ask me who Sweater Collection is about, but I can’t answer that question. It’s about many people, and it’s about the process in general of acquiring someone’s sweater. I also really like when my lyrics are specific and can tell a descriptive story. 

What can we expect next from you LoLo?

I just released my EP, and now I’m here in LA for the next two weeks writing… so hopefully I can return back to Canada with a lot more new songs, and start the song-making process all over again! So you can definitely expect more music soon, and some live shows too.


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