Lo’renzo To’rez Has Us All in Our Feelings

Born and raised in Ohio is a debonair artist by the name of Lo’renzo To’rez who is determinedly becoming a noteworthy addition to the urban contemporary music ménage. Before making the decision to professionally pursue music, To’rez was a staple in his local church and school choirs. It should therefore come as no surprise that this emerging star has a voice replete with soul. He is a mellifluous voice who aims to enrapture our eardrums with his take on the highs and lows of this roller coaster we call life. His lyrics are meaningful shards of his own personal experiences , and it is this artistic candidness that makes the man so darn relatable.

In his latest pop ballad ,“Closing the Door”, To’rez bares his souls and invites us into his vivid portrayal of a checkered and debilitating relationship. Feeling “tired of trying” and “tired of crying” are not foreign frustrations for people who have loved wholeheartedly only for their emotions to be met with indifference. We have all been there ; It does not get more heartbreaking than that , but To’rez cushions the blow by delivering such sombre content with such a soothing baritone. Round of applause for this promising star, who like Drake, is showing men everywhere that it is okay to feel and actually articulate it!

Check out "Closing The Door" here, and scroll below for the artists exclusive interview!

Lo’renzo, it has been a pleasure speaking with you. Now tell me a bit more about yourself.

 Well thank you so much likewise and I really appreciate you having me! I’m honored! :) and I’m a city boy born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, always loved music and had a passion for it, it’s in my blood! my grandmother and father were singers in church, I’m a very driven focused hardworking independent guy I’m a loner also but I love having fun too as well simple things like dinner going to the movies skating and bowling traveling too :) 

So many established singers grew up singing in the church- Brandy, Usher, Ed Sheeran and so on- why did you decide to make the transition to secular music ,and how has your choral background impacted your sound and style as an artist?