Lo's Story-Book Lyrical Ability Shines in “Living”

Lo released his latest single titled “Living”, an outstanding hit song that’s going to place you in a cultivating raw hip-hop dynamic fused with light neo-soul. What’s interesting about “Living” was the cleverly written lyrics that demonstrated Lo’s ability to tell a story through metaphors and descriptive punchlines. Lo excites us with his unique artistry. He stands in his own lane but still has the sound that can translate well with a mainstream audience.

Lo’s “Living” gave us a euphoric enticement that allowed us to remain focused and intrigued by each arrangement in the song. Lo remains consistent as an artist. Constantly pushing the envelope and working on music that shocks us with each differentiated element. “Living” is a song that’s guaranteed placement on our personal playlists. Lo knows how to reel you in his music, place you on a lyrical journey, and allow you to explore the song for more in-depth meanings. This is a great skill that we feel every great artist must be possessed with. The ability to move a listener and for Lo, it comes almost natural. Lo has an undeniable bright future in this business and we’re excited to see what’s next to come from this lyrical genius!

You can listen to “Living” by Lo here.