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Locations Refuse To Stay Quiet On New EP, 'Stop The Money'

"In a world that feels so incredibly divided, we want to use our music to unite the working class on common sense issues to create meaningful change. Most reasonable people believe that healthcare is a human right, that the climate emergency requires immediate action, and that our system of government is corrupt. We need to stay focused on what benefits us all and start working together to achieve it because there is literally no time to waste."

Unfortunately, in a world as advanced as ours, inequality persists, and most of us regular, non-billionaire folk are forced to fight for fair wages and protections in the workplace. By now, most of us have heard about the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes going on across the TV and movie industry for over 130 days. Brooklyn, NY, NY-based indie alt-rock band Locations are all too familiar with this fight, and they refuse to stay silent.

The duo, consisting of guitarist/vocalist Niko Rummell and drummer/vocalist Thomas Whidden, are both Teamsters Local 817 Location Scouts for film and TV. Yeah, the band name is absolutely derived from their shared experience on the ground.

Throughout their time making music together, they've carved out a signature guitar and drums heavy sound, featuring outspoken lyricism and an unbelievable amount of heart. And their primary objective, above all else, has in recent years become fierce advocacy for the little guy.

Universal healthcare, opposition to banks funding new fossil fuel companies, combating political corruption, and defending democracy are some of the causes they've spoken for. Many have taken notice of these guys in the process.

Their summer 2022 single, “Moves,” aired on popular radio stations like WFUV and WFOX, landed them a sponsorship with German audio company Sennheiser, and accrued thousands of streams on Spotify. The success of the single propelled Locations to book festival appearances at Musikfest 2023, a New Colossus Festival Summer Saturdays showcase, as well as a featured slot at NYC's go-to music hotspot, Mercury Lounge.

They were also featured in HBO’s Vinyl. Most recently, they released singles in support of Extinction Rebellion NYC’s four climate demands and in support of the pro-democracy anti-corruption group Represent Us.

Not bad for two young musicians from Brooklyn.

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