Lockness Turns Heads With Hard-Hitting Track, “The Old Testament”

Lockness, is an American songwriter, born and raised in San Diego, California. Currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona, he is well in tune with the culture and lifestyle of things on the Westside of the map. Growing up in a gang infested environment he had his share of losses and depressing times. Prison cells and bullet wounds are a small part of the harsh reality that he and many others like him have had to endure. Using his music and writing as an outlet, Lockness’ versatility is showcased in his music and shows the different aspects of life that he has personally experienced. With influences from Tupac, Biggie, Ice Cube, and Jay-Z he has learned how to reveal his story through his craft.

“The Old Testament” is Lockness’ latest single and makes for a strong starting point if you’re new to his music. While the lyrics feel notably rooted in the drive and confidence of modern rap, the music and Lockness’ own vocals add a unique authenticity. “The Old Testament” is definitely hip hop with a certain identity and difference to it. It’s an easy anthem for contemporary hip hop fans. Lockness drives with a simple lust for life with catchy hooks, laid-back concepts, professionalism and style. This release is far from the exception and offers yet another track that further cements Lockness’ sound and approach as an artist. “The Old Testament” is a song that connects a little more strongly with each few moments that pass by, and with each repeated listen. While that initial quirk of the concept and the hook, is the first to grab you, the song actually goes on to lead with a notably energizing beat, a heavy vibe, great rhythm, and something more of an alternative, late-night aura than anything purely designed for the pop world. Well worth a few listens! 

Listen to “The Old Testament” here and read more with Lockness below! 


Can you tell us more about “The Old Testament”? What were you hoping to achieve with this track?

This song is really based off of a culture and way a life. Being from the streets there is a code you stick too and some take it as serious as religion. There’s certain things you believe in and certain boundaries you wouldn’t step out of if you respect the culture. With this song I wanted to to share a little bit about me and my past endeavors. I feel like that’s what separates me. I speak the truth!

How do you generally get started when crafting a new track, and how do you know it’s truly finished?

Usually I just say whatever comes to mind when I play the beat. Have the mic going and just rap whatever I feel like should be on there. Try different melodies, concepts etc. If I have a recording I like I might punch in and keep on going with the hook. I do verses the same way. I have a small circle of people I trust to give me opinions on certain songs. If they like it the song is done. Lol.


Who do you admire in the music world right now?

I admire the fact that the artist can get the music out directly to fans a lot faster. Also that you don’t necessarily need a label anymore because of social media and other outlets.

Who would you love to collaborate with?

DJ Quik!


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