LOF and Kayiri Deliver Cinematic Brilliance with Their Single, "Chaos"

Montreal-based pianist, singer-songwriter, and audio engineer LOF pair up with the classically trained violinist Kayiri for their epic electronic soundscape entitled "Chaos."

After graduating from Recording Arts Canada in Montreal, it wasn't long until LOF found herself creating music through vast genres like jazz, hip-hop, world music, and her regular electronic music. On the other hand, violinist Kayiri has gotten to know the ins and outs of classical performance through touring across Quebec, Ontario, France, Senegal, Morocco, the United States, and Brazil.

Elaborating on their latest collaboration, "Chaos," LOF mentioned that she felt inspired to create this piece of reflection when the globe suddenly shut down last year. She also suggested that it calls on society to elevate our consciousness to find balance and equity.

Hitting play on their single, "Chaos," we're met with Kayiri's chilling and haunting violin strings, serenading us with intensity and heavy doses of introspection. Balancing out Kayiri's instrumentals are LOF's deep and dark electronic arrangements, fueling the sonics with airy drum breaks, windy pads, and an overall dominant atmosphere.

Reaching the halfway point, Kayiri's violin continues singing its orchestral melodies while floating alongside LOF's groaning synths and crisp drum breaks. Without a dull moment throughout this entire instrumental, Kayiri and LOF introduce us to a whole new style of music as they merge classic elements with the future's horizons.

Get to know the dynamic stylings of LOF and Kayiri through their latest cinematic collaboration, "Chaos," now available on all streaming platforms.

We're truly impressed with the overall outcome of your unique instrumental, "Chaos." How did you create your sonics to offer this state of reflection to your listeners?

One of my favorite things when composing and mixing is to play with textures! In the case of Chaos, I used a combination of analog synthesizers and virtual instruments to bring us into that turbulent world. Adding to that the wonderful violin of Kayiri to complete the sound!

For the rest, I only try to transmit what I want freely. Not limiting myself to any genre, time limit, tonality, or anything like that.

What drew you to the violin stylings of Kayiri to collaborate with on your single, "Chaos?" How did this unique collaboration occur?

I knew Kayiri from our teenage years, we used to compete against each other in track and field competitions! After many years of not being in contact, we met again during a show at La Place des Arts, she was playing violin and I was mixing FOH. We reconnected and talked about life, music, and the possibility of doing a collaboration. A couple of weeks later I was sending my beat to Kayiri and she did something amazing with it! She really understood my emotions and the violin melodies she added are poignant!

When mixing your single, "Chaos," how were you able to balance Kayiri's cinematic violin with your deep and intense sonics? What did your creative process look like?

When I create, I really start from a mood and I follow my flow from there. For the mix, it was the same thing. I followed the song where it brings me. My creative process is really free and liberating for me. I try not to impose myself on any restrictions. I don’t want to think of technical things… I just want to express what I feel at that precise moment.

Would you say that singles like "Chaos" are a usual sound for your brand? Do you typically create such intense and dark-sounding electronic music?

I definitely do electronic… and dark mood too! haha, my style is a bit eclectic. I can easily switch from a genre to another, or even mix different styles. But one thing most of my compositions have in common is being dark and electro! For those who know me, I’m a happy person to be around and I try to take life on the bright side. But I love using music to express the dark side of me -because we all have one! - haha.

What can we expect to see next from you?

Chaos is part of a coming up micro-EP of 3 songs called The End Of The Petrol Era. All of the songs in the EP are collaborations with female Canadian artists! For the two other titles, I have two singers/songwriters collaborating singing on it: Naghmeh and Selci. I also have a collaboration with the French rapper and artist Miki Bangs that is on the way!


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