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Lolita Puts Us In A Trance With Her New Single, “I’m Not Waiting”

Floating in from the Astral Realm, singer-songwriter and alluring recording artist Lolita showers us in emotional release with her latest single, "I'm Not Waiting."

Lolita took the music industry by the horns in 2018 when she first tore up the ground with her ethereal yet powerful releases. Known for combining various compositional elements to form her unique and authentic sound, Lolita has now amassed hundreds of thousands of streams from loyal listeners who are certain that she will be the next big act.

The relentless recording artist recently swooned our speakers with her latest haunting yet powerful hit, "I'm Not Waiting." The song is incredibly emotional but takes on an empowering undertone where Lolita makes clear that she's not waiting for anyone to come back around and attempt to mend her broken heart. We also get to know Lolita's dense sonic stylings through this dynamic new tune.

Without further ado, "I'm Not Waiting" begins with a soft and chilling keyboard melody that's met with a heavy mid-tempo drum breakdown. As we drift into the spooky and atmospheric first verse, Lolita makes her serene vocal appearance and drenches us in the utmost emotion and tenderness as she continues to sing of someone who's now dead to her.

Lolita doesn't hold anything back in this dynamic single, and boosting that statement are the powerful sonics that blast with growling sub-bass, hefty drum breaks, and an eerie, celestial sonic background. We love how composed Lolita is in this single, and we can only expect future releases to capture the same resilience and emotion that's she's mastered oh so well.

Pack up your things and get going to Lolita's new empowering yet emotional single, "I'm Not Waiting," now available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lolita. We are very impressed with the emotion and overall dense atmosphere you've delivered in "I'm Not Waiting." What inspired your vulnerable and honest lyrical content in this single?

Early on in my music career, I decided to be as authentic and honest as possible. As a result, I dream about whales a lot. I felt a familiar, almost past-life connection to the whale I encountered in one of my dreams. I was sitting on my porch as the whale was approaching. It was hanging its head and carried draining energy. In my head, I thought, "not him again…" Nonetheless, the whale and I cuddled on my porch. In the dream that Inspired "I'm Not Waiting," I wake up in a shipwreck. In a frenzy, as I try to find the exit from the ship, I see three white dogs and intuitively follow them down a flight of stairs to the first level of the ship. I run to the exit. People are waiting around by the door. As I get closer to the door, I notice that an orca is blocking it. I ask, "Can you make way so that I can leave this ship?" the orca replies, "You're not allowed to exit this ship for the rest of your life." I leave the interpretation to the readers and listeners. But the dream made quite an impact on me. And I was also healing from an emotional wound at the time.

Speaking of your emotional lyrics in "I'm Not Waiting," how long did it take to write such conceptual, vulnerable, and cathartic words? What was that process like?

The writing process for "I'm Not Waiting" was short and potent. My producer DMD gave me some music, and one day while I was at the studio, I got in the vocal booth and started to vibe. The music brought out a lot of emotion in me, and I remembered my dream. I also remembered the feeling when I saw the whale walking towards me in the other dream. It all hit me at once; what I was going through, the music, the dreams, and it started to come together at that moment.

Regarding the dynamic electronic production within "I'm Not Waiting," why did you want to give the song this powerful and heavy sonic edge?

I'll let my producer answer this question. I wanted to give this track a heavy sonic edge because beats with a heavy sonic edge are fucking tight! I also wanted to capture the emotion and pain in the lyrics. I wanted the listener to feel a beat that best represented the emotion and lyrics of this song.

How does "I'm Not Waiting" stand out from your other five releases? What makes this song different from the rest?

I don't think I've ever been this vulnerable. I've channeled anger, disappointment, optimism, pride, etcetera in other songs. I've used my voice to speak about social and political issues, but for "I'm Not Waiting," I let my guard down completely, and I allowed my soul & psyche to say what it needed to say unfiltered openly and publicly. This song feels wholly & utterly me.

What's next for you?

I'll be releasing an animated music video for "I'm Not Waiting" on my YouTube Channel. I'm collaborating with a local animator & illustrator by the name of Blake Sass, they will be animating my dream & I'm very excited about that! It will be out around the end of March or early April. I also have a show coming up in Denver, Colorado, on April 30th. Besides that, definitely more music!


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