London Based Hip Hop Artist Index Dex Released His Explosive New Single "Afterlife"

Index Dex is a London based rapper whose style combines freestyle and writing. He has performed at the infamous Notting Hill Carnival which led a return tour of his Native Republic of South Africa. Recently Index Dex released his explosive new single "Afterlife" and it's an intense high energy Hip-Hop tune that features a heavy evolving bass line, explosive punchy 808 drums, and a raw vocal performance.

"Afterlife" begins with a deeply moving bass, ear-catching adlib vocals, and then explodes with an intro chorus. The following verse features well-thought lyrics and rhyming from Index Dex that carries over tons of energy. The vocal transforms throughout the song from being a cleaner in your face sound and an edgier, grittier almost atmospheric vocal. Index Dex does not hold back for a moment what his potential is in his lyrics, rhyming, and flow. He keeps everything feeling raw and honest which helps to paint on the canvass that he has. The chorus of "Afterlife" had an almost retrospective laid back feel but still maintains his accurately timed pacing and rhythm. From the intense dynamic instrumentation to Index Dex's tight flow, we can't wait for what else he has to offer.

Listen to "Afterlife" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Index Dex. We're loving your latest single "Afterlife"! What was the songwriting and production process for it like? The song was written and produced at a Producers house/friend Oskar Von Unge, He loved drummer and base type of sounds plus he was a big fan of MF Doom, so been around him inspired me to write deep-rooted raps and lyrics. Afterlife is just one of the songs we worked on, and it is the only song that I've released officially from his production project.

Your style is a mix between free-styling and having lyrics are written down, which points of the song were written down verses free-styled? Did you record a free-style first?

On this particular song I free-styled the whole second verse and as you can hear it goes into a drum and bass bit, refer to the first answer.

"Afterlife" has a very unique sound to it, what were your influences during its creation? Do you have any idols that you look up to?

I used to really love Prodigy from Mood Deep, But now I take music as it comes, I don't really get too deep into musicians characters, I simply take bits and bobs of inspiration as I go along. Afterlife is inspired by the open question of what is the meaning of life, death makes life important.

We heard that you are still trying to find a more unique sound to yourself, how do you think the sound of "Afterlife" compares to earlier music you have created?

It is a very brave song before I would not have the self-belief to write my thought, I would be more interested in pleasing the crowd, but then as I grow I know that to be unique, I have to embrace both the "commercial and deep thinker Index Dex" I can do both so why not. I have taken a long way round and soon it will pay off because I believe in my growth.