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London Thor Intricately Takes You to a "Place Like This"

London Thor is a Korean-American singer, songwriter, and actress based out of Los Angeles, California. After independently releasing her first EP at the young age of 15, London Thor continues to create new-fangled music as she collaborates with a variety of musicians.

In an intermingling of vibrant energies dipped in subtle tenors, London Thor exudes a euphonious vocal performance as she releases her most recent single, “Place Like This.” The calculated songwriting techniques that London Thor displays as she transports us through a peaked sense of anticipation, has us swaying throughout the elusive structure presented before our very eyes and ears.

We’re blown away by the meandering routes that London Thor has us venturing through, as she shares the definitive messaging of this single with us. “Place Like This'' acts as an anthem for the antisocial individuals that roam the universe looking to have the attention taken away from them. It is written as a cautionary tale of how trying to fit in in an unnatural and uncomfortable situation just to seem interesting, actually suffocates what is truly interesting about you.

As London Thor weaves us through her verses, the lyrical content jumps out of the speakers in the glowing imaginings that quickly begin to fill a once unmitigated canvas of expectancy. Continuously pushing the envelope of her talents, London Thor can be found delivering her sonic offerings with unrivaled passion and dedication. Be prepared to lose yourself in the thick of, “Place Like This.”

Congratulations on your most recent release of, “Place Like This.” We love the manner in which you wrote the subject matter for this song! Was there a specific moment or story that inspired the messaging?

There were a few moments that certainly inspired the song. Specifically one house party I attended when I was a teenager, there were a lot of older, more experienced people and I remember feeling very out of place and almost out of my own body. There’s also a lot of inspiration from my time working at a bar in Hollywood. During that time I was very quickly exposed to a different kind of social environment that I wasn’t used to.

Do you find that you fit into the scheme of an antisocial individual? Do you find it easier to write about topics that you can personally relate to, or do you have an easier time imagining yourself in the shoes of a person in a particular situation?

I definitely think I am a little antisocial. I get very anxious around a lot of people. It’s really split when it comes to writing about personal experiences versus imagining myself in someone else’s shoes. Depending on what the vibe of the song is, I can either easily pull from my own life or I just come up with a story that fits the tone of the song. I think for me some of the best work happens when I can use personal emotional experiences as well as a little something borrowed from someone else’s life or an imagined event.

Could you please take us into what the recording process looked like when bringing this song to life?

The recording process for “Place Like This” was very fun and surprisingly easy. I worked with producer Billy Lefler and he handed me these wonderfully cool tracks that were so easy to write to. Ironically “Place Like This” was my least favorite track when I first received it, I thought all of my ideas for melody weren’t very good and I almost gave up on it a few times. But once I found a pre-chorus that I liked, the rest followed pretty easily.

With your music being used in movies such as, Girl on a Train and Girls Like Magic, is there a different creative approach that you take when looking for a song to find a sync placement?

For me, writing specifically for placement is a different process completely. I love trying to create different styles and tones depending on the project. It opens up a whole new world of storytelling. You have to find a way to compliment the project and celebrate that story.

What's next for you?

I am really excited about the release of my EP “The Cinematic Love EP.” We released it in the middle of February and I am so excited to be able to finally share all the songs in a cohesive story. I’ll be spending some time focusing on that release, then hopefully I can get back in the studio to continue working on a new EP or possibly an album. I’ve been working with Billy Lefler again and we already have a couple of songs in the making at the moment. I’m also hoping to make some more videos for some of our songs on “The Cinematic Love EP.”



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