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Lone Deer Laredo Says The "Easy Road," Isn't Always The Right Road

Soaring in from Helsinki is the blissful and talented duo Lone Deer Laredo with their latest album, 'Lone Deer Laredo Vol.2,' featuring the lead single, "Easy Road."

Lone Deer Laredo comprises Paola Suhonen (Ivana Helsinki) and Olli Happonen (New Silver Girl), who have been recording their recent tunes in Nashville alongside legendary producer Brad Jones (Dolly Parton). Having made quite some noise in both Finland and Sweden, Lone Deer Laredo is taking their tunes to North America, where we're sure they'll be much appreciated.

Recently dropping their 9-track album, 'Lone Deer Laredo Vol. 2,' this authentic and dynamic record features the skilled musicianship of the Helsinki-based group while traveling into the 50s and 60s innocence alongside their melancholic Scandanavian roots and vibrant 70s pop. The lead single, "Easy Road," offers more of a laidback and introspective Fleetwood Mac style that's truly exceptional.

Expanding on the single, "Easy Road," the experience opens with a warm and reflective alt-country instrumental that begins the song with this lush and tender ambiance. As Paola's breathy and bright vocals begin pouring through our speakers, she softly serenades us with the utmost introspection, reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac's heart-string-tugging tunes.

There's a certain haziness and haunting appeal that comes with this song's tender and ghostly melodies, and Lone Deer Laredo's lyrics are nothing short of a mental journey through life's trials and tribulations. We truly adore how easy this song is to listen to, and what's just as captivating is Lone Deer Laredo's nostalgic performance that easily takes us back a few decades in music history.

You take the high road, and we'll take the "Easy Road" with help from Lone Deer Laredo's latest 9-track album, 'Lone Deer Laredo Vol. 2,' now available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lone Deer Laredo. You've left us captivated with your recent conceptual and reflective single, "Easy Road." Does this song fit into your new album's overall concept and vibe, 'Lone Deer Laredo Vol. 2'?

Easy Road is the first song for us that has a little 50's vibe and feel in it. When our great producer Brad Jones heard the song, he told us that it brings his thoughts to prom, which is quite amazing since we don't have that tradition in Finland. But we think it still fits pretty well with other songs, too, and gives us the courage to do something like that in the future too.

What inspired the lyrical content within "Easy Road"? What did you want the listener to take away from your words?

It is a song about bad relationships where the storyteller suffers from being the one who makes all possible and shines and ends up with empty hands. She carries the fire but never has the opportunity to shine since the other side runs away. All she has, in the end, is the pen and the paper and melodies and her story.

What sort of listening experience did you want to provide with "Easy Road"? What did you want to make your audience feel when experiencing this piece?

A kind of mixture of 50's styled pop songs that has a universal topic when it comes to lyrics. Something that is at the same time really personal but also universal in the sense that anybody who has ever been either one of the characters (good or bad) could relate to it. We think it is pretty catchy too and makes you want to dance a little bit.

What does 'Lone Deer Laredo Vol. 2' mean to you? How does it reflect your duo's personal experiences and moments?

It means quite literally, in our opinion, the kind of music that is lacking from this planet right now. Album-orientated music…It is a really personal road trip for us and presents stop number two. Our odyssey still has five stops to go. So you will not get rid of us that easily.

What's next for you?

We'll head back to Nashville to record album number three on Autumn. Before that string of gigs, hopefully!


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