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Lonesome Joy Walks The "Wire" In Anthemic New Tune

Here's another act greatly impacted by the vibrant nature of Music City. Lonesome Joy, brought to you by piano-pounding frontman Stevie Redstone, just released a sweet psych-rock single titled "Wire."

Praised for their unique modern-day roots-rock, classic songwriting, and killer backbeats, Lonesome Joy is inspired by the likes of legends like Harry Nilsson, Paul Simon, and the Beatles. After pairing up with eight-time Grammy-winning producer Dave Cobb to record the self-titled and upcoming album, Lonesome Joy, it didn't take long for Redstone to charter new territory with genre-defying sounds.

And he does exactly that in the new single, "Wire," a foot-stomping, toe-tapping banger with Americana undertones and a stellar beat. What leaves us impressed is Lonesome Joy's ability to weave such different yet powerful sounds and styles into one cohesive track. But you'll just have to take a listen to experience that.

Diving deeper into "Wire," the powerful tune kicks off with loud and proud drums alongside sweet electric organ-like keys and Redstone's slightly muffled vocals, making excellent use of the song's sonic space and atmosphere. While touching on the thrill and risk of walking the wire with it all on the line, Redstone's captivating performance and stacked vocal harmonies leave us hooked from top to bottom.

With the addition of groovy psych-rock electric guitar solos and the sweetest keys to ramp up the energy, Lonesome Joy successfully takes us on a sonic journey through the cosmos, where the only thing connecting us back to Earth is that damn "Wire." It's a killer anthem that's bound to get you out of your seat and on your feet.

Hear it yourself and explore the captivating sounds of Lonesome Joy in their latest single, "Wire," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzz, Lonesome Joy! What a sensory experience you've provided with your latest single, "Wire." What inspired you to create this high-energy tune? Thanks for having me!.. The song is inspired by the seemingly accelerating breaking down of the fabric of society. Or perhaps the end of the world, at least as we know it, if you wanna be more dramatic. Whether it be due to the media, social media, political divisiveness, human selfishness and its effects on climate change, drugs, stimulation, you name it… But the chorus does imply some hope as were “walking on a wire NEAR the end of the line.” So perhaps we’re not quite at the end yet.

What was the creative process like between you and producer Dave Cobb when crafting "Wire"? What was that behind-the-scenes process like?

We banged out the arrangement at the studio kitchen table with the same mini keyboard that inspired the song’s main riff. Dave works at lightning speed, and we both had a pretty clear vision for this one in terms of its rhythm and almost psych-rock attitude. So we laid down the basic track live with the band in maybe 2-3 takes before overdubbing some vocals, guitars, percussion, etc. Dave mixed it himself, and I love where we landed.

How does "Wire" differ from your previous single, "Roll With The Thunder"? What makes these two tracks unique?

This one is certainly darker in its themes and overall vibe than “Roll With The Thunder.” I think “Wire” is unique for its production and sonic landscape. “Roll With The Thunder” is more a fun, soul-rollicker that gets ya moving but does contain a message.

What do you love most about "Wire," and what was your favorite part of making it?

I love the infectious, cyclical keyboard riff. Also, how the verses say a lot, but the chorus buttons it all up in just a few words. I loved hearing it come alive with Dave and his great studio band. Always a joy to jump from a simple demo to the real thing.

How does "Wire" set the tone for your upcoming self-titled album, Lonesome Joy? What should listeners expect from that project?

“Wire” is actually the opening track of the Lonesome Joy debut album. I like to think it pulls people in and lets them know a cool journey awaits. Listeners can expect what I humbly feel are a good batch of songs with a throughline - piano-fronted rock n roll tunes that feel familiar and fresh at the same time - that group well together but aren’t homogenous.


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