Longshot And Lazerbeak Are Back At It, With A Powerful New Album

Versatile recording artist, rapper, and songwriter Longshot teams up with producer Lazerbeak once again for their latest collaborative and conceptual 10-track album entitled 'Spread Love.'

The public first got ahold of Longshot and Lazerbeak's music back in 2018 when they released their debut collaborative record, 'Parades.' This time around, Longshot and Lazerbeak showcase their new and improved sound while mixing genres like pop, boom-bap, and soul to create one of the most refreshing listening experiences of the year.

Hitting play on the record, we're met with the introductory track, "Keep Fighting." This song kicks off with Longshot repeating the song's title while an exciting drum arrangement and array of synths begin to flow over the sonic background. There's loads of anticipation in this song, and we can't help but feel that it's meant to represent the battle towards equality and how we must keep fighting until we spread more love than hate. Longshot then jumps into his heated and passionate rap overtop of Lazerbeak's dense production to kick the album into gear.

The next track, "Where's The Peace (feat. Kat Luna)," opens with Lazerbeak's bright and bold production through a radiant brass section and profound drum breaks that bring us into a heavy groove. As Longshot jumps into his powerful rap, he flows through our speakers with the utmost confidence and rhythm while touching on pausing doubt and being at peace with oneself and others. Kat Luna's brilliant feature on the hook offers all the soul and passion we could ask for, especially with help from Lazerbeak's toe-tapping sonics.

Moving into the album's title track, "Spread Love (feat. Taylor Ray)," this track opens with Lazerbeak's crisp and snippy drums while Longshot makes his rhythmic and powerful vocal appearance. As he begins rapping about spreading love and navigating his way through life, he moves into the hook and offers a similar passionate performance to powerhouse acts like 50 Cent. Once the melodic and passionate stylings of Taylor Ray make their way in, she reminds us of the importance of spreading love and reducing hate around the globe.

Onto track number four, "Who Can I Trust (feat. Ang13)," this song opens with Lazerbeak's insane and soulful production while Longshot raps about not knowing who to trust and keeping his wits about him when living in America. We love the rhythmic and groovy feel of this compelling and anthemic track; Longshot and Lazerbeak do an incredible job of portraying the struggles that minority communities have to face in the eye of racism. Ang13's dominant and attention-commanding flow then takes us by surprise as she raps about the same powerful message to boost the track's meaning.

Reaching the album's halfway point with "Healing Is Hard (feat. Taylor Ray)," Longshot opens the song with his haunting and dreamy flow alongside Lazerbeak's synth-heavy production. The song's meaning is perfectly reflected in the song's title, and Taylor Ray's passionate vocal feature amplifies the theme with her deeply emotional portrayal of such complex emotions. Longshot has a way of sounding like the dreamy and poised stylings of A$AP Rocky, especially on this track when he raps about a poignant message alongside Lazerbeak's hazy and dense production.

Spicing up the groove with the next track, "U R Not Alone (feat. Kat Luna)," Lazerbeak's drum-heavy production kicks the song into gear while Longshot begins to passionately rap about how those struggling with similar circumstances are not alone. Kat Luna's passionate and angelic vocals on the hook perfectly boost the song into this radiant and beaming atmosphere, especially with Lazerbeak's anthemic and complex production. We adore the message of this upbeat song, as Longshot reminds us that when we need a shoulder to cry on, he's only a phone call away.

Jumping into track number seven, "Alright Ok," this track takes off with Lazerbeak's hazy and atmospheric production that's later met with Longshot's poised and composed bars. Lazerbeak has done an incredible job of providing a solid and melodic sonic foundation for Longshot to blast through with his powerful message. While struggling with inequality in America, Longshot reminds us that if we band together and never lose faith, everything will be alright; everything will be okay. We love the inclusive feel of this song; it leaves us chanting Longshot's catchy bars from beginning to end.

Slowing it down with the next track, "Flowers 4 The Living (feat. Kat Luna)," Longshot opens the song with his quick and conceptual flow alongside Lazerbeak's atmospheric, soulful, and contemporary production. Not to mention Kat Luna's bright and emotional feature; she perfectly grabs our attention with her charismatic vocal stylings while amplifying the song's powerful message. Longshot later continues his rhythmic lyrical venture and sings of achieving justice and equality before it's too late. Again, Lazerbeak's soulful and r&b-inspired production truly does wonders in terms of enhancing the song's conceptual message.

Boosting the energy on track number nine, "Alone No More (feat. Kat Luna)," Lazerbeak takes on more of an Afrobeat and tropical vibe with his spirited and upbeat keyboard melodies that pave the way for Longshot's passionate vocal venture. Alongside Kat Luna's refreshing vocals, the two sing of yearning to love someone properly and never feeling alone again. We encourage our readers to make a note to replay this song come summertime because it's nothing but an inspirational and passionate earworm that will most definitely satisfy your cravings for lively summer tunes.

Reaching the album's final and outro track, "Luv Urself," the song's message couldn't be any more straightforward, and we want to mention how appreciative we are of the entire record that aims to mark a change in society. Lazerbeak's ominous and haunting synths open the song, which later blasts off into this bold alternative soundscape alongside Longshot's passionate lyrics that remind us to love ourselves better than any other could. This song is a great way to end such a powerful record, as it leaves us with boundless self-love and inspiration to fight for social justice and reform.

Don't be shy, and "Spread Love" with help from Longshot and Lazerbeak's latest collaborative album, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, MC Longshot! We're so happy to have you here with us. What can you tell us about the inspiration behind the creation of "Alone No More," featuring Kat Luna?

'Alone No More' is about wanting to break out of isolation but still holding onto apprehensions. The words were inspired by a text I got about a year ago.

What was your experience like working with a singer as talented as Kat Luna? How did this collaboration come to be?

Kat Luna is an amazing new artist that I am so blessed two work with. Every song we have done together has been super dope, and I am so honored and excited to keep producing with her...we have so much more in the works.

How much value do you find in being so vulnerable in the music you craft?

I value honesty and accountability alot not only in my work but definitely in my life, so being vulnerable is super important. I want people to relate to the music but also feel like they are seeing and hearing the real raw me every time...especially @live performances.

What has it been like working with Lazerbeak on your massive project, 'Spread Love?'

Super big huge honor working with Lazerbeak...like his production is next-level dope, and we have created a really cohesive and well-rounded piece of art. I am truly blessed to call him a partner in this.

What type of atmosphere and emotion can we expect from your forthcoming album?

This album is emotive in all the good ways...we are all complex beings and feel alot, so I think this album says that it's ok or that it's going to be ok...Hope, Faith & Love.

What message would you give to a young fan looking to venture into the music business?

Don't ever stop. This is a hard business, and there will be tough and trying times in which you may doubt yourself...that's ok, just DONT EVER STOP!!


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