Longshot Draws on Real-Life Inspiration to Deliver Authentic Listening Experiences

The Minneapolis based Hip-Hop artist Longshot is someone who pushes for never before heard, an authentic listening experience that speaks to what is on Longshots mind.

Keeping to his signature sly way of phrasing lyrics, Longshot delivers each word with meaning and cuts out only the filler to leave the listener with only what he wants them to hear. We were able to easily understand this in Longshots' latest emotional release, "I'm Saying," the longing sense of hopelessness when paired with an incredibly memorable melody makes for an experience that we will not be able to get over with.

Using real-life experiences as a source of inspiration has allowed for Longshot to show to the world his own meanings and takes on life. Sneakily while we have been enjoying "I'm Saying," Longshot has been preparing to release his album "Champion" August 7th, and we are incredibly excited to hear what kind of music direction we will be led in.