Longshot is Here with a Powerful Message in Latest Release "I'm Saying"

Minneapolis, Hip-Hop artist Longshot, is here to play around with his musical inspirations and motivations in order to give listeners authentic collections of his thoughts. Longshot aims to lift those around him by sharing messages of hope and insight. He never fails short at putting together a track that feels quite meaningful, as Longshot has a sly way of words when it comes to delivering his verses. His most recent work, "I'm Saying," follows along the theme of introspection that Longshot has established for himself, and the beat of the track follows exactly the same suit.

Longshot uses his platform to release anecdotes, along with striking messages that serve an important purpose within our communities today. "I'm Saying" doesn't fall short at being effective, as Longshot takes the time to go into depth about topics that hold significant meaning. Full disclosure, there may be moments within "I'm Saying" that allow your full emotionality to come out. Longshot does a stellar job at packing in all the necessary lyrics and soundscapes needed to express the pivotal points the song has to share. "I'm Saying" also outlines a sense of hopelessness, which Longshot doesn't dwell on too long, but embeds for a higher purpose. There's so much more to "I'm Saying" than a low-key and catchy production. If you dig deep, you'll find yourself becoming quite introspective and grasping onto Longshot's perspective. Once focusing on the track's melody, you'll hear that it's consistently changing and exploiting new beats that serve an immersive purpose within the song. All in all, "I'm Saying" was a track that held a ton of thought-provoking wordplay by Longshot, and it makes us beyond intrigued for what the artist will come out with next.

Check out "I'm Saying" by Longshot here

"I'm Saying" clearly had a strong significance in terms of its projected message. Are you able to delve deeper into the meaning of the track, and how exactly you were hoping your listeners would interpret the meaning of it?

'I'm Saying' is the title track for the entire ep.  Originally I was going to name the project 'Burn It Down'(all of my albums and eps are named after a song on that respective project) but felt like 'I'm Saying' conveyed the idea of "let's have a conversation" about these things going on in our society.  In particular, the song 'I'm Saying' is simply trying to tell the story of Ahmaud Arbery(1st verse) & Breonna Taylor(2nd verse) from their perspective beyond the grave.  The chorus is making a plea to simply stop killing black people.   Were there any points within the writing and recording process of "I'm Saying" that you felt challenged artistically? 

I didn't feel challenged, just inspired.  The words just came out of me.  The ancestors and my Black foremothers and fathers speak and live through me.  Writing and recording music for me is cathartic and much needed in my personal healing process.  Everything I write comes from inside of me, so writing is never a challenge.   Would you say that you're an artist who typically uses their platform in order to get certain messages like those showcased in "I'm Saying?" What kind of response are you hoping to receive from this release?

I would say that I am definitely an artist that talks about real life, my real life.  I want people who listen to my music to be inspired...inspired to do the most with their gifts and be the light they were put on this dark earth to be.  I'm no politician or preacher...I'm a human being with Black skin, who happens to live in America.   Now that "I'm Saying" has successfully been released, where are you planning on taking listeners next with your ultimate sound?

Definitely a huge thank you to everyone that has listened to or purchased or watched the visual ep.  We have been able to raise money and give back to community organizations(Assata's Daughters in Chicago & WE WIN Institute in Minneapolis) doing important work with BIPOC, so thank you again!  My next album, 'Champion', will be out Friday, August 7th.  It is produced entirely by my longtime collaborator and musical soulmate from Chicago, TGIK.  We put out an album together for the first time in 2016 called 'Struggle Music'.  'Champion' is sort of a follow up to that album.  The feel of 'Champion' is that of hope, healing, and good vibes.  Again, I want my music to motivate the listener to search and dig deep for the champion inside of themselves.  The single mother, the nurses, and doctors on the frontline, Black Womxn, single dads, teachers, activists fighting for social equality and human rights....these are the champions my next album celebrates.  

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020? What can we expect to see next from you?

Not much has been inspiring honestly...we still have yet to see the officers that killed Breonna Taylor arrested, we still need to see the officers that murdered George Floyd convicted and sent to prison...We still need to vote and get the present president out of office...we still need to keep outing and exposing rapists and predators within our music and world community...we need to protect and uplift Womxn, especially Black Womxn, at all costs...we need to keep pushing and working to reform our entire justice system here in America.  I'm inspired that we are working toward all of those things.