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"Look Good" and Feel Good with Stereos' Latest Single

From Edmonton, Alberta, the upbeat pop band Stereos makes their anticipated return with a sparkling summer single entitled "Look Good."

After gaining recognition from the MuchMusic series, disBAND, Stereos made their way to JUNO award nominations for Best New Artist and Best Pop Album in 2010. With a 3x platinum, 2x platinum, and platinum single under their belt, Stereos now gives us the goods with their recent summer bop.

"Look Good" was created as a pick-me-up, serving it to anyone in need of a reminder to love themself unconditionally. Inspired by the face of adversity from the pandemic, Stereos felt compelled to create a summer 2021 anthem while also leaving the listener feeling ready to take on the world.

Taking a spin on the single, "Look Good," the track vibrantly opens with a cheerful piano melody, short snare bursts, and lead vocalist Patrick Kordyback's energetic vocal portrayal. Once the drums begin to expand and set the groove for this lively summer single, we're met with the exhilarating hook that blasts through our speakers with tight electric guitar melodies and foot-stomping drum patterns.

Everything from the background vocals to the anthemic pop instrumentals/production leaves us basking in the heat of Stereos and their summer-feeling tones. As the song makes its way to the outro, Stereos leaves any listener with the utmost energy and motivation through their feel-good lyricism and uplifting sonics.

"Look Good" and feel good with Stereos and their recent anthemic single, now available to stream all summer long on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Stereos. We're excited to chat with you about the making of your recent single, "Look Good!" What inspired you to create a single that leaves the listener feeling good about themself?

Great question! We were writing this with our good friend Dan Davidson, and he had an idea revolving around the line “damn, you look good”, but this was at a time where I personally had a lot going on in my life, so I wanted to shift it towards self-love in the face of difficult circumstances. So that’s where we were able to take his awesome idea and flip it a bit, and it became “damn, I look good”. From there, the song started writing itself and we knew that day we had an awesome song that could speak to literally anyone on a personal level.

How did you create the sonics and instrumentals for "Look Good" to give off a beaming summer vibe? What was your band's creative process like?

Once we took the demo into production, it was such a team effort in honing in on the sonics. It’s funny, because we really did experiment with a bunch of different vibes, and although the chord progressions, lyrics, or melodies ever changed, this song really could’ve ended up sounding completely different. Once we got the clean guitar vibe, it started becoming more and more apparent that the way it sounds now, with a funky, upbeat pop sound was the way to go.

Does your band share your songwriting process? How did you go about writing the lyrics for "Look Good" to leave your audience in a positive state of mind?

We honestly do all of the above, it’s just about whatever works! I’ll write the majority of our songs solo, and then we take them as a band and really bring them to life collectively. But there are a few co-writes on this album as well, and that’s a process I’ve really learned a lot from and enjoy now more than ever.

As for the lyrics on “Look Good”, it was again just an effort to touch on a difficult circumstance, something I know everyone can relate to, and just standing up for yourself and saying “I matter and I know it”.

What has your band been up to since your previous release last summer? Have you been creating or reworking some projects for future releases?

Yup! We really took the last year to develop our sound and record the album. I’d say there were about 25 songs written, 12 recorded, and 10 will make the album. From there we’re hoping for more of the same and getting back out on the road as soon as possible!


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