Look Into TGYE's Perspective Lens in "Mirrors"

Born in Wilson, North Carolina, TGYE, is an artist of another element. He began interacting and experiencing music at the age of 14.

From humble beginnings to his first recording being on an iPhone 4, he has come to provide listeners with top-tier sound quality. TGYE has always loved art, but the music was one of his favorite outlets of expression. He stands for the idea of bringing music back through storytelling elements, and the ability to touch people’s souls.

Surfing through the rhythmic appeal of new wave Hip-hop, we tap into the distinctive soundscape of TGYE’s most recent single “Mirrors.” There’s a moody elixir of musical components that have you fastened to the progressions that the instrumentation distributes amongst those tuning in.

Bolstered into the energy that TGYE disburses through his vocal performance, we capture the melodic effervescence that has you swaying to the seemingly dark structure before you. The song’s title "Mirror” directly reflects on TGYE’s introspection as an artist, and creative at the helm of his own sonic creations. The futuristic realm takes on nods of nostalgic 80s synth wave as TGYE casts out an exclusive fusion of eras and genres in order to propel “Mirrors” through your speakers.

What we admire the most about this insightful record has to be the transitions between TGYE’s thoughts that change in the flourishing atmospheres lingering in the composition. He makes a creation like this speak wonders about who he is beyond the music.

Representing his views through a perspective lens that in turn sparks a flood of thoughts, we continue to douse ourselves in “Mirrors,” all while pressing the repeat button.