Look out for Mayila, a New Music Force to Be Reckoned With!

From Columbus, Ohio, and currently residing in California, Mayila has been making her way through the music industry for quite some time now. She has always been a fan of the arts, spending countless hours learning to dance, act, and sing from a young age. Mayila ultimately found a true passion for songwriting and moved to Washington, DC to further her education in music and performing. Her time at Ellington Arts opened many doors for her, allowing her to share the stage with well-established performers such as Earth, Wind, & Fire. Since then, she has been employed with Atlantic Records, gaining all the experience she could about the music industry, and making connections that will help pave her way as a singer/songwriter. She spent time working with some incredible artists, including Chris Brown, Ty Dolla Sign, and many others.

Now, Mayila has been focusing on her work, and has recently released her first solo project entitled “Loading”. Mayila’s newest single “Energy” truly exemplifies her talents as an artist and songwriter. Her powerful vocals stand out and give a memorable performance alongside a killer background beat. She has a striking talent for using her vocals to convey emotion, all the while keeping a bold and assertive tone. Her lyrics describe an all too relatable situation, of needing to let go of a relationship that is all for show and missing a deeper connection. Mayila’s gift for lyrics and music has given her a well-deserved edge that is sure to bring her far in her career.

Check out “Energy” by Mayila here

Thanks for joining us at BuzzMusic today, Mayila! Tell us about the inspiration behind “Energy”, how did the idea for the song come to be?

"Energy'" was written from a dark place of frustration and discontent. Sometimes the music industry can take an emotional toll on you and you find it hard to know who really has your best interest at heart. I wrote the song about my experience in LA and about the music industry in general. There are so many disingenuous people who only want to be your friend because they have ulterior motives or want to invite you out only to post about it on Instagram. Social media is amazing but it in some ways has poisoned humanity. And most times, "I ain't got the energy" for it.

What is a typical writing session like for you? Do you prefer writing alone or collaborating with co-writers?

I love to write by myself most times so I can flush out my ideas and say what I really want to say. There are a few other people that I trust to co-write with but most times I'm writing everything on my own. In the studio, I start with the producer. I communicate the idea of the sound I'm going for and then we craft the sound from there. Then I just hop on the mic and let whatever I feel come out. I usually let the music guide me so that I can be as true and organic as possible. I think this is how I stay true to myself in the music.

How has your education at Ellington Arts prepared you for a career in music?

Ellington Arts HS was such an integral part of my journey as an artist. I was in something called Show Choir that prepared me for the stage. I got to perform with all sorts of amazing artists like Earth, Wind, and Fire and Maroon 5. But more than that, I learned the science of music. Because of Ellington and college, I'm a classically trained musician and can speak the language of music to other musicians. Even though I didn't really care to go to college, I don't regret it because all in all, it made me a better musician.

You’ve got the chance to perform with some amazing artists! Is there anything you learned from those experiences, or any wisdom passed down from them about careers in the music industry?

The biggest lesson I've learned from my experience performing alongside such amazing artists is work ethic. You learn that the discipline and commitment to your craft are almost more important than being talented. I absorbed all those experiences and have applied that to my everyday hustle. Also, I performed for Joe Biden once in HS and he said I had great teeth so I make sure I brush those every day too lol.

Are you planning any live performances shortly to promote your new music? 

Yes! I will be performing on the 7th of December at Art Basel in Miami! I can't wait! I'll be doing more shows on the west coast in 2020 too! If you wanna stay updated on my upcoming shows, follow me @mayilamusic on all social media and I'll keep everyone posted!