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Looking For A Feel Good Love Tune? “Myself In You” By Scott Pell Is Everything You're Looking For

Scott Pell is an artist that currently resides in Central New Jersey. Although a new artist, he is far from ordinary. He writes, composes, produces, mixes/masters and engineers all of his own music. That is exceptional! Most well-known artists can’t even do that. Scott released his first single just a few months ago. Now a 3-track EP, “Thank You, I Love You” dedicated to his past love. He poured his heart into this EP about the girl he use to share his life with. As I tune into “Myself In You”, I am looking forward to feeling the song entirely.

This track was SOOOOOO good! I mean I can hear this mans heart in every lyric. He was in love. True love. And to rap about it in this way is inspiring. The guitar is what gets me. It gives it that smooth alternative and country mood. I can hear the mix and master production in this track and to know HE did it, Wow! He took his time and made sure the necessary additions made sense for the song. I love the end. It gives you about 30 seconds of the guitar so softly as it fades away. Emotions can create beauty and when you have all the skills to make it perfect, you come up with this. Scott Pell made a masterpiece with this single and EP as a whole and I felt it deep within.

Listen to “Myself In You” here and get to know Scott Pell in our interview below!

How’s it going? Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Scott Pell, and I am an artist from NJ. I have been producing for 3 years, and just started putting vocals over my beats summer of 2018. My first song was released around that time. I Write/Compose/Produce/Mix/Master/Engineer all of my work. Currently attending school at Ramapo College of New Jersey, with plans of receiving a Bachelors Degree in Music Production & Engineering. Although I am self taught, I plan to refine my skills at school to take my craft to the next level.

What made you decide to become the whole package when it comes to all your skills?

I figure it's best to rely on yourself to make things happen. I've always loved producing, and I would write lyrics in my phone in high school. At the time I never planned to become an artist. The summer going into my first year of college I decided to purchase FL Studio and a midi keyboard, and began making beats in my dorm room at Rutgers University. I wouldn't even go out much. I was so focused on learning FL that I even filled a couple notebooks with notes. I would sit there for hours teaching myself because I never had a mentor to help teach me the technical side of music making. And for producers reading this, many of you probably know how hard that can be sometimes, especially when you're just starting out. I was originally going to major in business, but I decided to leave Rutgers and get an associates degree from my community college back at home. During that time I was only taking 3 classes a semester so I could really focus on the music. It took me 3 years to complete my associate's because I was taking my time and giving my craft the proper attention. I can say confidently now that I found the core of my sound when I came back home, and that's something I'll always treasure in my heart. It's more special and personal when you go through things by yourself. It can really test you. But the fruits of your labor are rewarding.

Why did you choose to put yourself out there with this EP?

For this EP, it wasn't even really about me, but the girl that it's for. I felt I needed to say these things to her. To open her eyes about love and how much I really loved and cared for her. But sometimes you don't get that in return. And I put myself out there with this project because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what people think of me, good or bad. What matters is what I think of myself, and what I want to say in my music. I am comfortable to say openly that I was depressed last year because of what happened between her and I. Lots of things weren't said, lots of emotions weren't communicated. We never ended things face to face. That's probably what hurts the most. And I was alone putting myself back together for almost an entire year because of it. Trying to find the answers within myself. I loved her more than anyone I ever have in my entire life. However, it's clear now that she didn't feel the same to the degree I did. I do believe she loved me, and maybe she still does deep down. But if you love someone, and I mean truly love someone, you show them. I haven't spoke to her in over a year and that says enough. And that's why I had to let this go. New relationships can't manifest if your holding onto past ones. I was holding myself back in life if I didn't say what I needed to say to her. The way I see myself and and my art is the only thing I am concerned about. The world will adjust.

When creating the track “Myself In You” what made you come up with the choice if instrumental?

First, I just want to say that this song was made in one day. I produced and wrote the song about 3-4 months ago. The mixing and mastering was done early January. I found this guitar sample and I instantly connected to it. It's a very emotional guitar melody in my opinion, you can really feel it in your heart. The beat was created pretty fast and fluid, probably in less than an hour. The writing took a little longer just because I wanted to get my words right. It's crazy because when I made this beat I didn't intend to write about her. It kind of just happened naturally. I don't like to think a lot when making music, but rather feel what the tracks call for. Forcing a certain sound or message into a track never delivers. You gotta just sit back and let your soul do the talking. She was on my mind a lot at the time, and looking back without a doubt that's why it was written about her.

Any plans for visuals for this single or others?

I'm on the fence if I should do a music video for this. This is very personal so making a music video feels awkward in a sense. It's too personal to put myself in front of a camera and do something for it. But I do have this idea of making a music video for "Myself In You" by letting actors take what I said and run with it. I would want to create a music video/scene telling that story. Because that's what it is to me. A story about a part of my life. I already lived it, I don't have the desire to live it again or reenact it. Having other people capture what I said into a video would be extraordinary. Honestly, I may do this. Keep an eye out.

What can we anticipate coming from you in 2019?

I'm dropping a single every 3-4 weeks. I will be a world-wide artist by 2020. Mark my words. Love.


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