Looking For Answers, Jody Releases The Vibrant "Where's the Love?" Single and Music Video

Jody hails from Music City, growing up outside of Nashville, TN. Although his love for Hip-hop music developed at an early age, the 27-year-old rapper admits to not beginning a career in music until 2020.

Jody has shown through his last few releases that he is bringing his own unique sound, style and flavour to each song he records and puts out into the world.

Teaming up with mastermind producer, JERMbeats in order to bring out a sizzling ambience in, “Where’s the Love?,” Jody lays his powerful lyrical dexterity on top of the up-tempo charisma that drips in the intoxicating wave that is the instrumentation.

Sweeping you into his universe of sharp punches that flow upon his verses, Jody has a knack for communicating with his audience in a way that draws them into each word he performs. The vibrant direction that transmits his tonal distinction, sets a prevailing tone in the carefully crafted words that Jody has scripted.

To accompany the undeniable swagger radiated in, “Where’s the Love?," we are lucky enough to have an edgy music video pairing with this track like a fine wine. The animated effects that fill the scenes with a surge of energy fit the scheme of this song perfectly. With certain lyrics popping up on the screen in a swift motion, it reiterates the hard hitting punches that leave us in a buoyant state of mind. Jody’s vitality jumps through the screen as it triggers your senses in an immersive sonic and visual experience.

His hunger and drive for creating musical content to share with his audience has been molding the career path in the industry that he continues to venture upon; this is an art that Jody is meant for.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jody! Congratulations on the release of your latest single, “Where’s the Love?,” What moment or story inspired the creation of this track?

Thanks. Man, I think just living day to day life inspired that track. I’ve been betrayed by people I cares about and have been bad talked by some folks that I’ve shown nothing but love to. I think some people go through this more often than others but we can all relate, so the theme just felt right.

We have to admit that we love the energy emitted in the music video for, “Where’s the Love?” What were the vibes like on set when filming the visuals? Did the vision come out the way it was destined to? The vibes were dope. Went to Memphis to make this one happen, and all day long just felt in the zone. As far has the visuals, they definitely came out better than expected and I owe that credit to JERM, my new label-mate and producer. He put his amateur talents to work to say the least, and overall in my opinion, it turned out amazing! We hope the concept came through to viewers- performing in an empty stadium, no crowd., so “Where’s the Love"? Ya feel me.

With every artist having a different way of tackling their craft, what happens to be your favourite part of the creative process? My favourite process is the writing portion. I feel like it’s so slept on now days, since everybody wants to freestyle, but I just love words and word placement! And not everyone is as into that, their process might be to just go in the booth and say whatever. For me personally, I have a knack for putting words where they need to be, shaping my lyrical style. You can listen to one of my songs multiple times and catch something new each time, which I love about music.

How do your musical influences such as Three 6 Mafia, Project Pat, and Juvenile, to name a few, speak into your artistic styles?

Project Pat is a legend and I bumped him as a youngster. “Mista Don’t Play” thats a classic! I loved his beats as well at Three 6 Mafia. Right when you turn a track on, before you even hear a word, your head starts popping! Juve came with a little more bounce and I rocked with that off the muscle. Anything that can get women dancing, well you know, I gotta love that! As far as influencing my style Pat and Juicy J’s lyrical flow and word choices became addicting to my ears as a young child. Pat just hopped on the beat talking about pimpin and all that. With how he extending his words. in such a clever way. It taught me how to write verses while keeping it simple. What do you want listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

All they need to know is nothing but authentic is going to come out of my mouth. Real life this and real life that. My momma needs a house and that a motha lovin fact! But as a whole my demeanour speaks volumes. Nashville has a new king finna step on some toes. Just know I’m chill as they come, and real as they come. But in this rap game I come 2nd to none!

My music has so many different sides of me in it, I shock myself sometimes. Because literally nothing sounds the same, and I love that. I’m not even in a lane, I have free range!