Lookout For The Foot-Stomping “Landmines” In Terah Lynn’s Latest Single

Nashville-based recording artist and singer-songwriter Terah Lynn is showcasing her distaste for a relationship's "Landmines" in her latest thrilling single.

Terah Lynn has proved that she's a force to be reckoned with in a short period of time. After growing up in the Appalachian mountains of Western Maryland, Terah Lynn had dreams of moving out to the big city. Packing up and leaving with nothing but a "backpack, a guitar, and a broken heart" led Lynn to her newfound artistic power.

Now, the Blue Collar Barbie is giving us a glimpse into the "Landmines" of a relationship with her latest foot-stomping backroad banger. The new single is a powerhouse cross between rock, country, and blues, taking our ears for quite the exhilarating adventure while Lynn discusses the imbalance and heartache within a certain relationship.

Diving deeper into "Landmines," we're met with a heavy, gritty, and punchy country-rock instrumental that chills the bone with incredible groove and power. As Terah Lynn's airy and filtered vocals melt through our speakers, she enlightens us on how both she and her lover tend to step on each other's landmines, exposing their triggers and what makes them flip.

But one thing's for sure, Terah Lynn is sick and tired of these landmines causing all sorts of havoc. The song's overall atmosphere is this irresistible and hearty serving of various genres that make for quite the thrilling listening experience. It'ssong's clear that Terah Lynn is a force to be reckoned with; just watch out for her "Landmines."

Stay on the lookout for triggers and "Landmines" with Terah Lynn's latest head-bopping banger, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Terah Lynn. You've chilled us to the bone with your powerful, foot-stomping single, "Landmines." What inspired this cathartic and angsty tune?

"Landmines," was inspired by the age-old issue of “triggers” in a relationship. Moving towards someone's" heart and unknowingly triggering these wounded places. It came from this place of defeat. Having unhealed places of my own, loving someone with theirs, and just kind of feeling the exhaustion of it but finding hope in doing the work.

What was your songwriting process like for "Landmines?" Did you face any personal challenges like being vulnerable and opening up?

The songwriting process for that one was a bit odd" I guess. I wrote it in my head last summer while I was working in the lumber mill at Gibson. When break time came I went to my office and sang into my phone what I thought up and much to my surprise it actually made a little sense. I think it’s challenging any time we share something personal through song. We wonder if it will be understood, relatable or if maybe we'reit's just crazy. But I tell you what, the minute I get a message saying "This song made me feel so understood" it makes it all worth it. Those are my favorite messages and they always come on time.

Why did you choose to give "Landmines" this heavy and gritty country-rock instrumental? Do you feel that this powerful atmosphere enhances your lyrics?

It was interesting to hear how it came together. I had some of the best session musicians in Nashville work on this. I gave them the recording of me singing the song the way I heard it and what you hear is their interpretation of that. It was written with a bit of attitude, kind of an angsty way to approach a hard subject. I think they did an amazing job bringing that energy to life with the music!

What was the most rewarding part about creating "Landmines?" What experiences did you cherish the most?

I would have to say just being able to record it on Music Row. We released it a year after I moved to Nashville and while I had released two songs before that, they were from a different chapter of my life. Landmines were my first taste of Nashville. Of the recording, connect with people, and get an introduction to the business here. I learned more than I can articulate through this song, and I'll take those lessons with me moving forward. I've really cherished the feedback I've gotten from the song. Having it played on radio and added to some huge Country Hits playlists on Spotify. Seeing my name on the same list as artists like Luke Combs and Miranda Lambert is deeply humbling and appreciated.

What's next for you?

Next for me is getting back in the studio to record the next music! I am beyond excited and honored to be working with award-winning producer Dean Miller here in Nashville. I was lucky enough for him to reach out to me last month and once I met with him, I knew it was going to be good. Aside from his incredible resume (he's worked with legends like Dolly Parton, Merle Haggard, Dwight Yoakam, and Chris Stapleton to name just a few), one thing I noticed about him was that he carries a lot of peace which is so refreshing as this is largely a volatile industry. Dean's dad is Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee and Grammy-winning songwriter Roger Miller. But I only found that out after the fact. Dean never mentioned it or any of the clients he's worked with, I have so much respect for him for that. I'm so excited to get these songs done. Other than that, playing out in Nashville, in Washington state, and continue to grow Bridge Magazine and connect with more amazing artists and labels.