Loop Yourself Into, 'Charades & Pain'

It’s hard to make a name for yourself, especially in an industry as vast as the music business. With a unique name and somewhat of a story to tell, Kerringtin gradually made the decision to unveil his music to listeners across the world.

Hailing from Georgia, Kerringtin has written music and poetry since the age of 7. With a collection of over 200+ written songs, he decided to take the plunge into a music career of his own. Growing as a producer, and musician, the R&B talents of this emerging artist are taking off in a major way.

Following up his project ‘Planet Pluto' with his 12-track album 'Charades & Pain,' the organic flow of Kerringtin’s latest body of work is a pure, self-creation. Taking pride in making sure every bass note, triangle, background vocal, and lyric came from the heart, Kerringtin has taken to self-production and self-engineering while creating a piece of art that’s an expression of himself.

Entering the eclectic zone of musicality, Kerringtin provides listeners with a charismatic outpour of utter talent. What Kerringtin displays throughout this album has us feeling as if we’ve traveled in a time capsule and landed in a variety of eras to come before us. When we say that you can’t help but to fall deep into the atmospheric grasp of nostalgic Pop tracks such as “Sensual,” “Greenlight,” and “Last Song,” we mean it.

The musical elements are purely digitized as you capture glimmers of futuristic sounds from an era that’s been put in the past. Picking up on the harmonious bliss that’s cast out in a majestic manner. The beauty that lies in buoyantly pulsating vibrations truly pulls us into what Keeringtin intends for us to be witness to.

Taking us into a reminiscent sound that has the atmosphere of Hip-hop brightly illuminated, “Plead the Fifth,” is giving us a major throwback vibe as we’re wrapped into almost four minutes of sonic goodness. We admire the use of the vintage sound library that Kerringtin utilizes as he intricately crafts various outlines in the album resonance of 'Charades & Pain.' The soothing vocal styling that he lays down atop of the instrumentation takes us into a frenzy of storytelling techniques that come from Kerringtin’s background in poetry. Applying this poetic touch to what we get to experience, allows for a more immersive comprehension as the songs progress.

With the single “Charades & Pain,” being the debut single from this project, it takes us under the spellbinding embrace of comfort that Kerringtin allows listeners to explore. Exuding the ultimate Boyz II Men ambiance from the soothing energy that comes flowing from a passionate vocal performance, you feel the emotive state that was tapped into when Kerringtin created this heartfelt piece. Similar in structure, yet remaining exclusive in their own ways, we have the delicate elements of “Take Your Time,” and “Baggage,” knocking these themes out of the park. There’s something to the way that Kerringtin’s wistful shades of profound recollection submerge you in the grander scheme of his spirit.

It’s basically how records like “What Can I Do to Change Your Mind?,” and “You Used to Have Me,” have you falling into the slow tempo of heartrending hues as we get swept into a state of thought-provoking tenors. The powerful croons leave you in a sizzling representation of love on the spectrum of adoration. You feel the lyrical motifs that are personal to the mindset of Kerringtin as the musical progressions intensify with the song truckin on.

Completely allowing us to absorb the instrumentation of “No Magic,” and “I Want Her,” Kerringtin switches the pace of what we are exposed to as we bask in the self-assured energy hammering from this piece. Blending a myriad of unapologetic tones with a heart that won’t give up on the one he loves, there’s a unified sense of integrity on this track as we get to tap into a soundscape keen to be discovered on the album.

What we take away from the organic approach of “Charades & Pain,” is that the old school R&B sound has not died out, and with emerging artists like Kerringtin taking it under his belt, we can expect it to live on in a way that does it justice. Through brilliant moments of reflection, this album has the power to pull you in as you deconstruct the meanings in a way that makes sense to you as the listener, and Kerringtin as the creator. Listen to 'Charades & Pain,' today on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Kerringtin, and congratulations on the release of your poignant album, 'Charades & Pain.' We love the themes that you touch on, and we’re eager to know your inspiration behind this entire album! Could you please share some insight with us?

I'd say its inspiration was based on that there really was no inspiration. Ultimately, the songs on the album came at the spur of the moment one-by-one, and I soon found that they were connected to a specific period in my life. This period was plagued with the highs, lows, struggles, games, and turbulent moments in my romantic relationships and life in general. I felt it only right to title this chapter of my life 'Charades & Pain.'

Being the sole creator of this project, what happened to be your favorite part of the creative process? Were any parts more difficult than others?

My favorite part of creating this project was having the freedom to take whatever direction I wanted with the songs. In the past, I was extremely uncompromising when it came to making a track sound like it sounded in my head. I haven't ever been satisfied with the result. Here, I felt at liberty to take my time with the songs, changing a lyric here or adding a background vocal there. It was very freeing knowing that every song was completely organic. The most difficult aspect was sharing my vulnerabilities; I had to come to realize you never know if a song like "Baggage" might reach someone in the world who feels the same way.

What’s your reasoning for embracing such an effervescent sound to the instrumentation that we hear?

Immediately after making the title track, I realized I wanted to perform it live one day. I ended up absorbing that mentality and I feel it kind of shows in the rest of the songs. I tried to use as many real instruments as I could so that they could be easily translated into a live setting.

With this project being a follow-up to ‘Planet Pluto,’ what are some similarities and differences in the way that you approached the creative process?

I kind of answered this before prematurely. For me, "Planet Pluto" generates mixed feelings, even when it was first released. Quality-wise, I feel much more confident and prideful in "Charades & Pain" because I know it totally represents Kerringtin and not the market-chasing caricature that "Planet Pluto" might lead people to believe.

What do you hope that your fan base can reflect on when taking the collection of songs in?

I hope that anyone who takes the time to listen to even one song off of the record listens to the record with their heart and not simply their ears. Reflect on if you've ever had to "Plead the Fifth" with a lover or get through "Baggage" in your own life. I truly want to thank them for sharing that moment with me and wish for them to spread that understanding and love in their own lives.