Loose Bolts Asks if He is “The Only One” in New Song/Music Video - Watch/Listen Now!


Baton Rogue native, currently living life in the Florida panhandle, Loose Bolts and his new song/ video for “The Only One”. Musically, the song is very linear and lo fi, but it certainly does call for this! Somewhere between LANY and Turnover is where you’d find your ears going to and if you like any of those acts, you know that’s a very sweet spot to be. Melodie wise, “The Only One” doesn’t aim for an overly infectious delivery, but again, it calls for it. The song is very short and for the last time, also calls for it! You aren’t upset at all when the end of the song hits, but rather curious to hear more from Loose Bolts. 

Speaking to the video, “The Only One” starts off with a film sort of vibe. It’s a solo performance shot of Loose Bolts performing in his new home of what we could assume is Florida. It’s very tropical feeling that very much compliments what is happening musically. A very nice visual touch to a very nice song. Do yourself the favor of listening to Loose Bolts and watching his video for “The Only One” today!

You can discover Loose Bolts "The Only One" here.