Lordus Releases Soft But Powerful Song "BrokenHearts"

Iconic R&B singer Lordus comes to showcase her new music on BuzzMusic! We're excited to be apart of her listening base and know we'll remain loyal fans for time to come. Lordus has the type of voice you just can't give up as a fan of R&B. It's more along the lines of pure R&B elements and sounds--the type of product you'd receive when stripping apart the R&B genre to its very core.

We already know that Lordus puts a twist on soul music like no other, and we're hypnotized by her vocal articulation. 

There is an undeniable sense of honesty in Lordus' voice. She hits every note with an effortless approach, and her voice glides across your ears like silk. It's possible you'll get goosebumps when listening to "BrokenHearts".

Lordus is able to take sultry and alluring elements, combine them with a sense of innocence, yet come out with an assertive approach. We're mesmerized with what we received by Lordus in "BrokenHearts", and we're eagerly awaiting her newest releases. It is completely clear that "BrokenHearts" was methodically produced, and with the flow and essence of Lordus' voice, we can say with confidence that "BrokenHearts" will be the next R&B hit! 

Discover "BrokenHearts" here, as well as our interview with Lordus below!

Hey Lordus! Great to have you here on BuzzMusic. Any words you'd like to share with our readers about the way you articulate your music?!

Hey! Thanks for having me. That's a really great question, I would like my music to resonate with people. I want people to feel the way I felt listening to R&B growing up. Music that made me think about love and sustaining love, heartbreak and pushing through that. But more than anything I want people to enjoy my music and I want them to feel like their stories are being told through each song. 

"BrokenHearts" obviously had a powerful underlying story to it. Are you able to dive deeper into the honest meaning of the track?

I was able to work with this dope songwriter (Ekela) that helped this idea come to life and did a great job at expressing unconditional love; BrokenHearts is about being there for someone and holding them down no matter what. I personally feel many people have that one person in their lives that they want to be there for whether it be a friend(s), partner or family that they love and want to see happy. So, it's not about one particular situation or person. 

How was it performing at the Coney Island Festival? Can you describe the type of energy your listeners were surging with while you were performing?

Performing at Coney Island was intense! Nerve-wracking! But FUN at the same time. So, knowing that I grew up in Brooklyn not too far from Coney Island and watching people perform there I knew that it was something I wanted to do. And when I got my chance to perform I left it all on the stage and I knew that it was my time to put people on to my music and my talent.

How do you personally feel about live performance? Would you say that you prefer the live performance aspect of music more over the writing/recording process?

No, I can't say that at all. Both live performance and the writing/recording process has its own vibe. It's hard to put into words but with the live performance, you get to connect and feel each person's energy. And sometimes it could just be one but that within itself is a great feeling! But it's also the same in the studio; whether I'm the one writing or co-writing, the process of putting all the pieces together with everyone in the room (writer(s) & producer) and bringing an idea to life is dope; connecting with everyone and their ideas it's all just a vibe.

It was amazing showcasing "BrokenHearts" to our listeners, and getting to know you as an artist in the process! Any words you'd like to leave the BuzzMusic community off with?

Honestly, I just want to say thank you for taking the time out to listen to BrokenHearts and chatting with me. I appreciate you guys! And BrokenHearts is just the beginning of many great projects to come! Stay tuned!