Los Angeles Based Singer-Songwriter Evolsi is Back With Her Latest Empowering Single “Lights Out”

Hailing from South East Texas, singer/songwriter Evolsi is back with her powerful new single, “Lights Out”. Influenced by a variety of artists and genres, Evolsi attracts listeners from around the globe. She has also been a part of a duo project with Ryan Scott called SWAN, as well as releasing her own music. After the release of her debut single “Prblms”, she reached over 1.5 million streams across Spotify and landed herself at the top 3 on both Spotify’s US and Global Virus Charts. Without a doubt, Evolsi has created a well-deserved name for herself within the music industry.

“Lights Out” begins with a soft drum pattern and an intriguing deep bassline to balance Evolsi’s clear and energetic vocals. The chorus provides electronic Flume or Kygo vibes, grabbing attention and leading music fans to the dancefloor. With lyrics like “Tell me is this what you call love? If it is, I’m giving it up”, Evolsi creates an empowering song of self-worth and confidence. She inspires other females, artists, and anyone else to relate to the “Lights Out” theme of moving on from somebody who is holding you back. Evolsi is definitely an artist to follow. We are excited to see what she offers next. Evolsi is back with her latest empowering single, “Lights Out”.

Listen to "Lights Out" here.