Los Angeles-Based Songtress Zaya. Captivates Listener With “Ride” Ft. Jay Ham

Up and coming, new artist Zaya. is from right here in Los Angeles. Her sound mainly focuses on an R&B/pop but she manages to incorporate ambient and trap soundscapes. Originally Zaya. began her interest in the arts writing poetry as soon as she could spell. 

With the Fall season off to an explosive start, Zaya. releases her newest single “Ride” Ft Jay Ham. Zaya.’s smokey vocals take center stage as she follows the storyline of an undeniable secret romance. Talented rapper Jay Ham is featured at the end of the track to spice things up a bit and give “Ride” just enough edge.  Zaya.’s vocals on her latest track “Ride” fall into the softly soulful side of things, fusing a hint of pop/soul with a mellow R&B aura, her silky voice weaves its way through the dedication and loyalty at the heart of the song, working as hard as the words embrace the listener. While there’s a certain simplicity to the set-up, Zaya. makes the most out of the moment with a performance that sounds authentic. There’s a genuine lightness in the tone and a sense of love and appreciation in the way she handles the melody throughout “Ride”. Flashy effects and multiple instrumental layers are not needed because Zaya.’s natural confidence and skill result in an expressive delivery that more than carries the sentiments through in a believable and open way. “Ride” is a sexy, playful song that has a chill tempo, perfect for those chill Friday night vibes!

Listen to “Ride” here and read more with the artist Zaya. below! 

Hey Zaya.! Welcome to BuzzMusic! How did you originally get started making music?

I grew up writing poetry since forever ago. Just the other day my mom sent me a poem I made for her when I was 4 years old. Then in high school, I was in the choir and jazz group. During lunch, I was always in the music room practicing piano and writing songs. When I graduated my choir teacher gave me the piano and ever since then I never stopped writing music.

We’re loving your new release “Ride”! Can you dive into some of the lyrics and the meaning of the song? 

"Ride" is one of those fun, sexy, playful songs for those chill vibes on a Friday night. The lyrics are talking about the excitement of having a secret lover that's kept on the down-low. Not wanting a relationship but the attraction's too hypnotizing and strong to deny.

How have you honed your vocal style over time, and did it take a while to find your vibe, or did it come naturally?

After years of writing music and taking vocal lessons, I'm finally finding my sound and the artist I want to become. It's definitely a journey finding yourself as an artist. I just create as much material as possible and learn things I like and don't like and when it comes to vocals the more you do it the more you know how to use them and create unique sounds that work best for you. I'm constantly evolving and growing that's the excitement of music!

What are the main values you want to bring to the music world?

The main values I want to bring to the music world would be sincerity and originality. As cliche as this sounds you really are the best you and there's nothing fun or interesting about a cookie-cutter artist. Having your own unique brand and sound is cool.

What’s next for you through the end of 2019?

I have a lot of goals for the end of the year but my main priority is to release more material I'm currently working on. Super excited to show you guys!

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