Los Angeles Hip Hop Artist Fatal Flash Makes Waves With His Latest Project "Crank My Shit"

Explosive with not only music but personality is the artist Fatal Flash. Spending all of his time on music and building his brand, Fatal Flash has begun to create his lane in hip-hop with his energetic qualities. Performing all around the world, he hopes his newfound musical skills can help him excel in hip-hop, and help him venture into new genres. However, in his latest single “Crank my Shit”, Fatal Flash sticks to his guns and displays his eccentric skills.

Right away, “Crank my Shit” hits listeners hard with these loud, and distorted synths that rip through the speakers. Alongside, there is sub-bass that defiantly makes the cones of the woofers vibrate. “Crank my Shit” really gives off the vibe that Fatal Flash wants his listeners to get up and dance with the power of his instruments. Not only does he display power with the instruments, but Fatal Flash’s lyrics are also a major factor of adding to the explosive atmosphere of “Crank my Shit”. Fatal Flash is talking about partying, luxuries of life, and the good times that are to be had. To me, that would make anyone feel like they're an all-star and deserve it all. “Crank my Shit” does an excellent job of moving listeners, and moving your speakers.

Listen to “Crank my Shit” here.

Hey, Fatal Flash! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Our team is more than happy to be representing you and your latest single “Crank my S**t”.  For starters, could you tell us where you are from? Is there any local artist that inspired you to become the artist you are today?

Born and raised in Los Angeles.

Mentioned before, you said you want to start getting into a lot of different genres of music. Which kind were you talking about?  Is there one you would never do?

Yea honestly I wouldn’t mind too do different genres. I feel that it shows what you’re capable of creating as far as lyrics and the beat as well.

With such a catchy and explosive song like “Crank my S**t”, is that only one side of Fatal Flash? Or is there a completely different side of you we haven’t seen yet?

Yeaaaa Crank My Shit is like the wild, party going out to club side of me having fun turning up with my crew. There’s a different side as well coming soon so be on the lookout.

With all your hard work, you must be working on a new project for this year. Will there be a solid project this year? And will it have and artist/producer collaborations? 

Yes, there will be a solid project still in the works but for now, I’m just dropping singles to get my name out there but I am working on different material and 8)as for collabs you’ll just have to wait and see.

What can we expect to see from Fatal Flash throughout 2020?  

You can definitely expect to see more music coming out being more active on My YouTube channel- fatalflashofficial going to be dropping more music videos as well and hopefully start creating that buzz but I’m definitely going to be working in the studio I got a lot of new music coming soo make sure to check me out you won’t be disappointed.