Los Angeles Native And Gifted Songstress Tiffany Madadian Stuns With New Single “Can’t Stay”

Tiffany Madadian is a singer/songwriter and Los Angeles native who has been writing and recording her music since she was sixteen years old. At eighteen with a demo under her belt, she hit the Los Angeles club circuit jumping directly from impressive time slots to headlining slots at some of LA’s most famous and notorious clubs such as The Whisky A Go-Go, The Roxy and The House of Blues. With her catchy pop-rock melodies and powerful vocals, she has garnered attention to her shows and built a following the old fashion way. With an EP and a slew of singles out now, Tiffany’s latest and greatest release to date titled “Can’t Stay” is out now, with a brand new music video to match.

Irresistible and drenched in 80’s nostalgia ”Can’t Stay” is an infectious new single. The squashy synths, electric guitars and drum machine samples are mixed sympathetically for a modern audience, cleverly using guitars, synths, and vocals to uphold current expectations while nodding unashamedly towards arrangements from 30+ years ago. Writing from the heart on the topic of the ups and downs of love, Tiffany introduces herself as an honest and passionate singer and songwriter. There’s a depth to her vocal presentation that seems quite rare lately. During that rising melodic moment that is the pre-chorus, you’re given a vintage, eighties-style instance of reflection and variation pushing that creative edge even further. I highly recommend you listen to “Can’t Stay” and stay tuned for more with Tiffany.

Check out “Can’t Stay” here and read more with Tiffany Madadian in our interview below!

Hey Tiffany! Tell us all about your track “Can’t Stay”!? What inspired it?

“Can’t Stay was written a few years ago about a short-lived relationship I had with a great guy who I just wasn’t that into. There was nothing at all I could think of that was wrong with this person or that I would change about him but for some reason, I felt nothing more than friendship for him and I felt horrible! It was even more confusing for me because before we went out I had a huge crush on him, but it was one of those things that changed immediately when I got to know him. He really tried to win my love and I eventually had to end it because I couldn’t lead him on and my feelings weren’t matching his.  

Around the same time my guitar player sent me two demos of ideas, he was working on and one of them ended up being “Can’t Stay”. It was one of those songs that immediately came to me when I heard this very raw musical idea over my cell phone speaker. The song just wrote itself. I recorded the melody in my phone voice memos I think the second time I listened to it all the way through. 

What’s the concept behind the music video? What was the filming process like for you?

The concept of the video was to shoot in front of beautiful imagery portraying love and heartbreak and sadness and all these things intertwined. I saw this persons work on Instagram who made lyric videos and he made a visual video for me that I wanted to be the backdrop of our actual video. 

We then shot the music video with his visuals plastered on a warehouse wall in Glendale, Cali. 

Filming the video was so much fun, but we definitely hit bad luck up until minutes before filming! Basically everything that could go wrong did go wrong and we even made a trip to Best Buy for a VERY important piece of our music video puzzle about 9 minutes before Best Buy closed! But with all that being said, when we actually started rolling it went so smoothly and I had such an amazing time. I had a wonderfully kind leading man in the video who made me very comfortable as well so I enjoyed it even through the disasters!

If someone only has time to check out one song from your collection, which would you recommend and why?

I would recommend either “Can’t Stay” or a song called “Stockholm Syndrome”. Both are upbeat love (ish) songs and “Stockholm” is one of the first songs that my guitar player and I wrote and produced together and I feel like we really captured what we wanted our sound to be with that song. It’s everything I strive for in music... it’s catchy, the lyrics are honest and raw and I love the production.

What do you think sets you apart from mainstream music today?

I don’t see a lot of pop/ rock in mainstream music today so I think that immediately sets me apart. So many artists are killing it in their genres and many of them have pop influence or rock influence but I don’t see much if any that are rock n roll infused pop and that’s something that I love more than anything. My music has always had and will always be guitar driven and whether we produce based on our mood or what the song requires, there’s always a rock n roll undertone to my songs and that’s very important to me. That’s my foundation and that’s what I grew up listening to so it’s a constant in all of my songs. 

What do you hope to achieve through the remainder of 2019?

I’d love to expose my music to more ears. The internet is a place I haven’t yet taken full advantage of and I admit I’m a low tech, old school girl, if I could hand out mix CDs I would, but I’m coming around and hoping to get more music out into the world through the internet this year and I’m hoping the music video will help that as well. 


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