Los Angeles Rockers, Rising Elijah Release Their Heavy and High Energy Hit “Shoot ‘Em Down”

Hard Rock band from LA, Rising Elijah, definitely deserves a listen. Formed only last year, Pete “Raz” Razo, Chris Blackaver and Chase Enriquez already have a debut album set to be out winter of 2020 and we can’t wait. Until then, their lead single “Shoot ‘Em Down” is out and it does not disappoint. Heavy guitar riffs backed with a complimentary, and equally engaging, rhythm section, gives their music a mix of vintage and modern feel.

Right off the bat, a powerful start to the song in the guitar and the vocals immediately grabs your attention. “Shoot ‘Em Down” keeps up high energy throughout the song but changes pace in the bridge. The change of rhythm in the drums introduces a new groove before seamlessly transitioning back to the original rhythm to lead into a guitar solo. The execution of the solo is precise, clear, and the wailing adds a very classic element to it all. If you’re feeling down and need to listen to a song that will build you back up and give you strength, this is it! “Shoot ‘Em Down” spreads the message of staying authentic and continuing to believe in yourself and that’s something we all need to hear every once and a while. No more letting other people’s opinions or expectations hold you back! Rising Elijah has already played numerous gigs and venus including Universal Bar & Grill, the Garage Bar, and the Viper Room. We hope the album continues to bring success to this band.

Listen to “Shoot ‘Em Down” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic! You guys only officially formed last year, so how did you all meet and when did you know that music is what you wanted to do?

Well, we've been musicians for a while now so we've been all in. We met online, jammed out a few times and here we are.

You describe your music to be a “vintage attack with a modern feel”, who are some of your influences? Is there anyone you’d like to work with?

So, individually we have a wide range of influences from Judas Priest to Guns n' Roses to John Mayer; as a team, we like to keep it hard rockin' & groovin. Rick Ruben would be cool to work with.

What is the writing process like? Do each of you write your own parts and then come together or does it happen more organically? 

Well each of us writing our parts is pretty organic yeah? heh. So, Raz, our guitar player usually sends out his idea/riff to everyone and then we go from there.

You’ve played some incredible venues already, is there one you haven’t played yet that would be a dream?

Any packed house is a good house ya know? But classic venues with history are pretty cool. Hollywood Bowl, the Wiltern, the Greek. That kind of shit. Festivals would be money too.

What can we expect from the album you’re about to release, and for the rest of 2020? We're gonna be featured on Frosty, Heidi and Frank on KLOS here coming up. A lot of gig'n, some touring, more videos & a hard-rockin' good time. No backing tracks, no autotune, no bull shit. That's us, Rising Elijah.