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LOS Has Released A Vibe With “Ride With It"

LOS is a unique upcoming duo based in West London who consists of the two artists; Cokeboy and Kush. Not fully sticking to one genre, LOS prides themselves in their unique ability to create different vibes in their music which they feel can appeal to a wide audience of all ages and can only describe their music as their own style. The two met in school and both shared the same passion for music rather the genre was Hip-Hop, Rock, or even Pop. LOS found a way to learn songs and re-create them to their own style. Cokeboy got the party started for the duo as he was the first to release a song in early 2016, an R’n’B song Titled 'Like That' on his own Soundcloud channel which was shortly after removed and turned into the LOS channel. That channel was then used to present the first collaborative project by LOS in mid 2016 called “Smoking Loud” which has been removed since. From then LOS released 11 songs on Soundcloud as well as featuring in Freddy Spinach's single 'Rockstar' and releasing the 'Ride With It' video; which currently has around 19.5k views.

LOS released their newest single titled ‘Ride With It’ and we watched the video alongside listening to the addicting song. In the video, “Ride With It” begins with an artistic presentation of the duo’s name presented in spray paint. The music instantly begins and captures you for the moment due to the aggressive, dark trap bass with a melodic R’n’B vocal in the beginning before half of the duo begins rapping. LOS sings in the hook while rapping in the verses which presents a multi-dimensional aspect to the song. They take you for a surprise by allowing both artists to showcase their own rap style in the song, while allowing the listener to tell both of them apart while still hearing the unity in the duo. The song was nicely executed and the visuals were pleasing to the eye due to the attractive and appealing choice of fashion and use of cars. “Ride With It” is a stylistic song and we’re sure many people will love it!

Catch LOS' new track "Ride With It" here and be sure to check out our exclusive interview down below!

Hi There! Thanks for chatting with us LOS! How can people tell you two apart? What separates you from one another?

Musically, LOS Cokeboy is more of a vocalist and loves experimenting with different ways of using his voice. As he has a higher voice between the two it is quite easy to notice the difference when listening to our music. Cokeboy is known for having dreadlocks as well being signed to ‘TMA Management’ as a model.

LOS Ksh is more known for having a lower voice, and is musically more of a lyricist, he like to use different flows and switch things us.

Tell us about the single “Ride With It”, and the meaning behind it?

Our single ‘Ride With It’ is a song that is really significant for us as a group as it was made and released at the same time we changed our name from ‘Los Boys’ to ‘LOS’. It represents  our growth as a duo and shows how LOS are here for the long run. The song is about loyalty in LOS and is generally just gives a glimpse of what we got in store for this 2019.

What inspired you both to write this?

This song literally came off of good vibes, we were in the studio with Cxsmic and wanted to just make a upbeat party song. Cxsmic did his thing and started making this crazy melody, we  started freestyling and both came up with different hooks that somehow worked together well- and thought instead of choosing 1, we might as well use both. That's when we knew this song was a banger; it wasn't focused on us as individuals but us as a group and from then we knew this was going to be a LOS anthem.

Who are some of your key influences and why?

Living in London we always had loads of music around us, whether it be Grime, Pop or Rock music has always been all around us which makes it hard to choice key influences but as a collective we would have to choice acts like:



Linkin Park

Michael Jackson

Rae Sremmurd

J Cole

Growing up, we've always had this edge about us, we listened to all the mainstream artists that was popping when we were younger like N Dubz, Tinie Tempah and Labrinth to even groups like Black Eyed Peas, but as we both know how to play instruments, we’ve always loved rock and punk music and the overall rockstar lifestyle. I know this may be surprising but before we were LOS we use to cover rock songs in a band- songs from artists such as: Linkin Park, Papa Roach and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. As we grew up we then started listening to more rap artists like J Cole and Rae Sremmurd and the one thing that pushed us massively to starting LOS was actually after watching ‘Straight Outta Compton’.

What’s next for you?

What to expect? What's not to expect? LOS is going to be dropping more music, more videos, more freestyles, more shows and now clothes, as LOS is now getting developed into a Fashion Label as well as just music.


Keep up with LOS on social media!

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