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Lose Yourself in Bliss With The Northeast Collective's Single, "Lafayette"

Hailing from the Northeast of the United States, The Northeast Collective releases an inspiring and heartfelt single with, "Lafayette." The group consists of songs written by Christopher Prestamo and performed by a variety of touring and studio musicians who make up The Northeast Collective. With two brand new EP's coming this fall and next winter, Christopher Prestamo and the collective have been quite occupied. 

Their latest single "Lafayette" takes the listener on this feel-good yet introspective ride, with mid-tempo instrumentals and an overall sensation of passion, The Northeast Collective has truly outdone themselves with the song's composition, lyrical content, and overall delivery. 

"Lafayette" begins with soft electric guitar strums that drop into a mid-tempo drum beat accompanied by layered and distant electric guitar. Their alternative-rock take allows the listener to sit back and relax with the natural instrumentals and get lost in Christopher Prestamo's melodic vocals. Singing about wanting to be loved and feel that unhindered passion, The Northeast Collective has genuinely come together with infinite strength to perform this lively track. Dynamic twists and turns take the track into a high energy place while also bringing the pace back down to something more mellow.

We've genuinely enjoyed each aspect of The Northeast Collective's passionate single "Lafayette," and we're hoping that you'll find as much peace in it as we did. 

Hello Chris, and thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic. How did the collective's creative process begin when starting to create "Lafayette"?

Writing Lafayette was actually a little quicker than most songs. Normally I slave over lyrics, chords, and melodies, however, I had just spent several weeks on tour and I never get a chance to write on tour so everything flowed out quickly.

Could you tell us what your recording process was like with "Lafayette," and how The Northeast Collective divided up the work to be done?

The Northeast Collective’s recording process, I feel, is incredibly unique. It’s a collaborative effort of several different musicians from several different bands, and different musicians get to put their voice and creative energy into different songs. This song was actually recorded in different locations, cities, and studios.

You've mentioned that Christopher Prestamo writes all the songs for the collective. Could you tell us where you get your lyrical inspiration to continuously write music for such a large collective?

Songwriting has always been pretty much how I come to understand the world and my feelings. That may sound kind of dramatic, but I believe the creativity of any kind is a really powerful tool to navigate difficult emotions, thoughts, and perspectives. I often derive inspiration from places I’ve been, people I’ve met and had relationships with, and what’s happening in the world. Lafayette started out as a story of a really difficult night on tour but more meaning came out as the writing process continued. I read an ethnographic book entitled “Wisdom Sits in Places” years ago and that sparked my interest in searching for the deepest meaning, purpose, and wisdom I can from experiences, especially in specific places.

Could you tell us more about your upcoming EP's? Why did you want to create two separate projects instead of one full-length album?

If I Can Get Home is a short story of discontentment and finding peace within yourself. The album discusses coming to terms with the pain people have caused you and the pain you’ve caused others in an effort to experience healing and establish identity rooted in healing rather than hurt. The honest answer to that is I believe that’s the direction the music industry is moving in. I wish I had a deeper reason or that I thought the creative juices flowed better in two EPs or something to that extent, but honestly, I think to make waves in the industry today you need to have good momentum in your releases and I believe two EPS will help space things out and keep things fresh and exciting. I plan on recording a full length again soon, but for now, I’m very excited for the release of If I Can Get Home and the following EP in Winter 2021.

What is one goal the collective is hoping to achieve by the end of 2020?

One concrete goal is just to release If I Can Get Home and have it be received positively by fans, and hey maybe make a couple of new fans also!


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