Lose Yourself in the Creamy Vocal Performance J. Jamal Has to Offer With "Friday Night"

The kind of style that R&B/Soul artist J. Jamal encases within his music is very alluring. We're attracted to the smooth design J. Jamal uses in order to add a sultry component to his music, and it's probably this exact component that completely lures us in as listeners. If it isn't his collectively suave persona, it would probably be due to the eclectic take J. Jamal undergoes with his sound. His music isn't your typical R&B or soul performance, as it's much more diverse, incorporating a multitude of genre elements in order to give that varied tune.

J. Jamal's unbreakable faith is one aspect that is completely observable through his music, and the strong passion of his is what we believe raises his artistry up and allows him to vibrantly shine as an artist. One of his most recent glowing tracks, "Friday Night", debuted not too long ago, and it was this specific track that allowed our knowledge of J. Jamal's and his artistry to flourish.

J. Jamal sets up a warm and inviting environment right from the beginning of "Friday Night" via enriching acoustic sounds. He quickly integrates his vocal sound into the melody, which creates a methodical and blissful atmosphere. The entirety of the track stays consistent with keeping the calming beat, a beat that is incredibly pivotal to the feeling "Friday Night" captures. There's almost a magical component to the production of J. Jamal's song, where we feel lost within the flowing vibration of J. Jamal's voice. We love the themes that J. Jamal chooses to explore with his music, in which he often takes listeners on a thoughtful journey with lots to process and vividly imagine. In essence, J. Jamal's "Friday Night" was filled with luscious tones and inspirational soundings that constructed the vibrancy the track held. We're hoping for more of J. Jamal's eloquent stylings in the near future.

Welcome, J. Jamal! We're excited to chat about your recent single release, "Friday Night". Where do you stand with this particular track?! Do you feel that the track incorporated each and every element you envisioned it would? I love it. It’s part of my best work yet. This song, in particular, allowed me to show some maturity not only as an artist but as a man really.

Can you dive deeper with our readers regarding the prevalent message communicated within "Friday Night"? Do you typically blend in a specific theme with each song you release, or do you prefer to focus on the soundings of the track, rather than its overall message? Friday Night is just part of the story, but it’s got a story of its own. It’s the story of a man in love, but that love isn’t necessarily returned, a position I know a little too well. But on the weekends, he gets to be everything to the woman he loves. So, even just having that piece of her is better than none. The message here is don’t lose yourself in anyone, especially not someone that is only there for you part-time.

You've always been an artist that remained strong with your faith and using that faith to grow both personally and artistically. Are you able to describe how it is you feel connected to music via faith, and how your faith propels you as an artist? My faith allows me to stay focused, and committed, without compromising. I know where music is today, and my music is a huge departure from that, on most counts. But my faith keeps me from caring about that and keeps me from changing the plan, the message, or the method.

It's been mentioned that you're planning on constructing more tracks in the near future. Now that "Friday Night" has been released, where do you think you want to extend your career from here? Friday Night is an integral part of the project it was released on, Love Letter II: Raw, and an even more integral part of that series going forward, and my career as a whole, moving forward. Friday Night was the swing song, it was where EVERYTHING changed. You see that in the following track, Dream Turned Nightmare, but it’ll be even more clear in the next installment of my Love Letter series. As far as extending my career, I always think about that. In May, I’ll be launching my own publishing and distribution company, to help others tell their stories as well. But as far as what’s next...

What will you be working on next J. Jamal? Next, I change the game all over again. My next project will be a complete departure, from this series, from previous projects, from the R&B genre as a whole. My next project will be The Gospel, According to Judas.


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