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Lose Yourself to Good Times in Briana Lyn's Latest Bop

Growing up in the Midwest as part of a musically oriented family, Briana Lyn’s parents recognized that the budding artist could sing before she spoke.

Performing regularly throughout Minnesota, the vocal styles of Briana Lyn range from pop, country, jazz to classic-Disney-style show tunes. She often gets compared to a young Dolly Parton, Jodi Benson, and Amy Grant among others. With her original music being inspired by relationships, love, faith, and all of life's twists and turns, Briana Lyn has set out to make a name for herself.

Releasing her smooth ballad "A Night We Won't Remember," this country bop is a song that’s dedicated to all the ladies looking to have a good night. Plunging us into mid-tempo, feel-good energy, this is a realm that comes as second nature to Briana Lyn.

The luxury that comes from the congealed drum hits making their way into your speakers is justly noteworthy. There’s a rhythm that’s immediately set before Briana Lyn’s powerful vocalization even touches down on the composition.

Written by some of Los Angeles’ finest songwriters, Erik Isaacs and Lyla Joyce, the pure energy that comes pouring from this track has Briana Lyn doing “A Night We Won’t Remember” justice. The manner in which her vocals excel from the musical foundation in an unalloyed liberation has us gripping onto the edge of our seats.

Being a beacon of light in a world that has experienced many hardships over the past two years, Briana Lyn’s good intentions seamlessly flow throughout each word that she charismatically performs. Encouraging her audience to take the edge off, and immerse themselves in the creation of memories they will soon forget, nothing says “A Night We Won’t Remember,” quite like the sweet sounds of this country anthem.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Briana Lyn, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, “A Night We Won’t Remember.” This feel-good, country bop is exactly what the world needs at times like these. What was the initial feeling you got when hearing this song for the first time?

​Thank you so much!! When Kosta Lois shared the song with me, I immediately thought how fun it was going to be to record the song in the studio. How different is it for you to create your own original music, versus collaborating with songwriters on a piece that’s already constructed? Do you have a preference for the approach, or do they each have their moments? It's definitely different creating my own original music in the studio than singing on a song that was created by other songwriters. I think the main difference is when I write music, I write it for my own vocal style and my skills as a singer. When I sing other people's music, it almost forces me to stretch myself a bit more as a singer and try new things that I normally might not have done before. I honestly like both approaches because I love the challenge and process of creating music no matter what step it's in. What was it like working with Erik Isaacs and Lyla Joyce in order to elevate the vision that was already in place? Could you please share a glimpse into the studio session?

Honestly, I was very honored that I got chosen to sing a song by songwriters that have had a lot of success with their music in the industry. Erik Isaacs has worked with Grammy-winning/nominated #1 hit-making artists throughout his career, so I felt very honored and excited to work with him. Erik came into the studio session with a very clear vision of what he wanted from the song. I love working with people who know exactly what they want because I'm also very much like that. I worked on each of the parts until it was just the way he wanted it, and he was so good at coaching me through different spots where he wanted to hear more of something. The chanting part "take one down, pour another round" at the end of the song was actually all of me doing that, just using different voices. That may have been my favorite recording part because I enjoy making my voice sound different and playing with texture, depth, and high and low sounds. He'd give me a description of the voice he was looking for and I would create it. I may have had a glass or two of champagne while working in the studio with this song. It was seriously so much fun!! What’s your mission statement as an artist? How do you carry that out in the music you release? I'd say my mission statement as an artist is to create music that people can relate to and that gets them singing along with me. I love pop music for that reason because it's catchy. I've always been someone who wants to bring people together, focusing on our similarities instead of our differences. I want my music to bring people together even if it's for just a moment in time. It's those little moments in time that change us and bring bigger changes in the long term. My music is both lighthearted and has depth to it all at the same time, which is a lot of who I am. I'm very much a classic soul with a youthful heart. I want my music to be something people can still enjoy 40 years from now. What can we expect to see next from you?

I'm releasing my next single "Run Away" at the end of the month that I'm very much excited about. After that, I have a single about moving to LA that I'm looking to release right after. I have more songs just waiting to get recorded so I'll definitely keep you in the loop!


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