Lose Yourself To The Music In “Lacuna” By Jason Arias

Based in Riverside, California, Jason Arias is a talented artist who provides his listeners with a type of escapism from the real world. A few seconds into his tracks and you’ll see what we mean. Jason strives to give his fans the experience of turning everything off and letting the mind go on a musical journey. 

“Lacuna” is a spectacular and flowing musical piece by Jason Arias. The orchestral instruments and various layers allow your mind to escape as you take in the masterpiece. Jaon Arias is an extremely talented musician and has an ear for excellence to be able to blend so many different sounds. The therapeutic track “Lacuna” can be listened to at any time, while working or studying, while driving, or if you need something to calm you down when you’re stressed. The versatile new track is sure to make waves in the music industry. Jason’s creativity shines through with his flawless and steady skills as a pianist. With no vocals, “Lacuna” truly highlights Jason Arias’ undeniable talents. We can’t wait to see what he brings to the table next!

Check out “Lacuna” here and keep scrolling for more with Jason Arias.

Can you tell us a bit about your upbringing and how you got started making music?

I’m blessed to have such a strong musical background in my family. From singers to musicians. I started playing drums in my local church when I was about 13. Around my junior year in high school I started experimenting with music production. Never thought about taking it to the level it’s at now until about 2014. Having dinner in LA with my best friend Ricardo he convinced me my music was good enough to start putting it out on streaming platforms. He said he had someone that can help and introduced me to Marcos Navarro from Calmex Music Group. A year later my Debut EP “The Sixth Year” was released. I released my debut album “Contact “ under Calmex and decided after that I’d be releasing music 100% independently on my own.

How many of the instrumentals on the track “Lacuna” are you?

I’m using about four tracks total. Strings, Piano , drums and the synth pad you hear in the opening track. Once I had the basic foundation of the song it all came together beautifully. I didn’t want to keep adding more tracks and take away from the song in anyway. Felt it was perfect as it was. Simple yet beautiful

Do you mix your tracks as well as write them?

I leave the mixing to my boy Alan Serrano. He’s mixed everything since I’ve started recording at his studio. I’d be there in the mixing sessions and I’d give him my input on the tracks and what I’m looking for in the mix. Mixing is more his field and I’m haven’t even begun to mix on my own yet. I leave it to the professionals.

What do you hope listeners take away from “Lacuna”?

My music is meant to be a form as escapism as well as something that is liberating and inspiring. The mind can be a very beautiful thing . My job is to provide the soundtrack that can take the listener on whatever journey they desire.

What’s next for you?

I took a small break after releasing “Lacuna” so I’ll be headed back to the studio to start working on my next project. Not sure what direction the new album will be in but I’m very excited to start working on new music.


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