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"LOSE YOURSELF," With Pierre Giovanni and His Feel-Good Hip/Hop Song

Kansas City, Missouri artist, producer, and songwriter Pierre Giovanni is taking on the music scene with raging confidence, and why shouldn't he with how his recent song release turned out? Pierre Giovanni has been working on a project, titled "Twilight Zone", which features two tracks, titled "LOSE YOURSELF" and "LOSE YOURSELF NIGHT MODE."

Together, the two tracks are meant to inspire, intrigue and help encourage reflection. Most importantly, Pierre Giovanni constructs his sound so that others can ultimately feel good and have a great time.

Curiosity peaks at the beginning of "LOSE YOURSELF" with an almost mystic-like melody filling the air. Soon, the harmonious vocal delivery from Pierre Giovanni is elicited, and we're sent into a hypnotized rush with the infectious energy that results. Pierre Giovanni's delivery is quite calm, yet precise. He's targeted with his tone and knows how to create a certain level of attraction with his inflections.

"LOSE YOURSELF" also has an echoing effect that is exploited throughout the production, and it brings in energy similar to that of Travis Scott's productions. "LOSE YOURSELF" was intended to give off euphoric, robust energy, which was definitely a target Pierre Giovanni acquired with ease.

Various elements in "LOSE YOURSELF" reflect some common trends seen within the contemporary Hip/Hop music scene, and they are intricately combined with the original sound of Pierre Giovanni. He's able to take on many attitudes and intonations within his music, blends them with grace, all while still making it an impressionable product.

With Pierre Giovanni's sensual, deep and soft vocals, any listener has the potential to be compelled to lose themselves in his songs. As an emerging artist, Pierre Giovanni leaves us in pure anticipation for what he will put together creatively next for listeners.

"LOSE YOURSELF" is now available on streaming platforms. Listen in today.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Pierre Giovanni. "LOSE YOURSELF" was a recent single release of yours, and it was definitely an authentic, original track. What does this particular single release mean for you personally?

Personally, I was going through a moment where I wanted to quit music because I wasn’t really motivated and inspired. Basically, me just losing inspiration. But making this song was a challenge to me because I tapped into a new sound that I usually don’t create and it opened my mind up for the possibilities of what I can’t make in the future.

What was the main objective of creating "LOSE YOURSELF?"

It’s a feeling when it comes to losing something or someone you love and feeling like it’s was your fault that things ended. When at the end it was you because you did everything possibly right. It was them. That, someone, wasn’t the same person you met at first. You start to see patterns of change when it comes to them. It’s like you lost that person that you once loved. Hence the title “Lose Yourself.

We had noticed that there was an additional track off of your project, "Twilight Zone", called "LOSE YOURSELF NIGHT MODE." How did the two songs compare in your opinion?

Twilight Zone is the project that I’m releasing soon and I wanted to create a Euphoric sound for each song. With the “Night Mode” I got the idea from my engineer who slowed and reverb the track and we thought it was a fire. Plus I’m really into slow and reverb/chop and screwed sound. Both to me gives off a different emotion depending on which version the listener feels. But it’s cohesive. If that makes sense. Both give you a nighttime car ride vibe. A track you want to listen to if you going through a breakup, depression, or anything.

As an artist who is still emerging into the music scene, how has your experience been with cultivating and crafting your own original sound?

It’s been difficult at first because I didn’t know which direction I wanted to go. One moment I wanted to be a conscious rapper, the next moment I wanted to be an R&B artist but later one down the line I realized that I can incorporate what I want into something more creative than both. I wanted to use my writing skills and creativity to another level. That’s when I used my influences in music to help me create my sound. I learn a few elements but I made them my own and tried to keep them as original as possible. Even though nothing is really original when learning from your influences.


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