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"Lost City" Gives Us a Taste of Geno Pacino and Dirtty Eagle

Born Geno Green in the heart of the Englewood Area of Chicago, Geno Pacino has always been a natural poet, entertainer, and someone who seemed to always stick out.

Having experienced it all from street life to the everyday struggles of providing for himself and his family, he offers listeners a unique point of view. After indulging in his story, you'll see that in a crowded field of artists, Geno Pacino is one of a kind in a landscape all too familiar.

Teaming up with the talents of Dirtty Eagle, the burgeoning atmosphere exposed to us in "Lost City," is rather remarkable. We get to experience a hefty serving of energy in a way that has us amped up to be bouncing off the walls and out of our seats. Geno Pacino has us fully immersed in a release of this caliber with an empowering notion that gives us a scoop in the right direction.

Conveying a dynamic cocktail that represents authenticity, determination, and hunger, that vivacity is seamlessly transmitted to us via our speakers. If you aren't familiar with what a Geno Pacino record can do to you, we heavily encourage you to get caught up in the captivating momentum that his artistry projects. Sharing the spotlight with Dirtty Eagle, we have to admit that we didn't think a duo could mesh as effortlessly as these two do.

They give us an enticing report connected to the heart of "Lost City" as each piece of themselves is scattered throughout this hit. Running up the ladder of success, it seems to us that the drive of Geno Pacino won't be seeing brakes any time soon. Eager for what's in store next, we're glad to introduce "Lost City" to the repeat button.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Geno Pacino! Congratulations on the release of your latest collaboration with Dirtty Eagle. How did this high-octane collab come to life? What was it like working with one another to deliver this vision?

It came about because of how active I am in the music scene in my City. Dirtty Eagle is another artist I know that has been making a lot of moves, so it made perfect sense to collaborate with him. He also had a podcast he does called Mental Health Mondays, and I was on an episode discussing my song " Tears Of Joy," which is dedicated to Mental Health Awareness. We run into each other way too often not to collaborate. Working with one another was awesome what I tried to do in the video was recreate the vibe from when we hung out. Almost every time me and bro kick it, we have tons of fun.

With every artist having a different process with their creativity, at what point did you know this record was ready to be released?

The moment I heard the beat, I knew this would be the perfect song for us to do together. When I think of collaborations, I always picture whose voice I could hear on a record. My style & delivery on here with his was a perfect combination.

What message does a song like this send out to your listeners? How does it fit into who you are as an artist?

The message this song brings is just pure enjoyment. On my last project Pacino Season 2, I had a few fun songs, but I touched on a lot of serious subjects. I just wanted to do something that feels good. It fits into who I am as an Artist because the most important thing I want to showcase is my duality & the fact I can make any kind of song. My music is a reflection of my life & in my life, it's multiple sides to me.

What would you like your audience to know about you that they may not already know?

That music is my life. I don't know what it will take to put me up there with the Legends, but there is nothing I love more than this. All I want is to be heard more & get my music on the worlds stage.

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