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Lost in a Memory Sings of the Dreaded "Midnight Heartbreak"

The Multi-Instrumentalist, Producer, and Singer/Songwriter Lost in a Memory releases a single for those who've had their heart shattered to pieces with "Midnight Heartbreak."

Lost in a Memory (Emmanuel Morales,) experimented with music creation through various instruments since 2008, later learning to produce, write, record, mix, and master from his home studio. With a background in film, Lost in a Memory is avid to create music videos that capture the stories of his vivid songs.

Recently releasing a powerful and emotional single titled "Midnight Heartbreak," Lost in a Memory mentioned that he wrote this piece after parting ways with an ex of three years. After writing this piece, Lost in a Memory found himself reflecting on what needed to be done, ultimately getting him through the tough time.

Lost in a Memory's "Midnight Heartbreak" opens with soothing electric guitar picking and the warmest of background synths. As an organic mid-tempo drum beat makes its appearance alongside soft piano melodies, Lost in a Memory comes through and jumps into his emotional and vulnerable lyricism.

Depicting the scene where he experienced the heartbreak of his life, Lost in a Memory offers this raw emotional tone that pulls us in close and on a more personal level. The instrumentals and production are incredibly dreamy, as we feel this sense of distance as the instrumentals exude their melancholy tones.

With the overall emotion that Lost in a Memory has delivered into this heartfelt and haunting ballad, it's no doubt that "Midnight Heartbreak" will garner incredible attention merely through the song's relatable theme and Lost in a Memory's mesmerizing performance.

Was it challenging to write your single "Midnight Heartbreak," especially when writing about your personal experience?

Musically and lyrically speaking, "Midnight Heartbreak" was surprisingly one of the least challenging songs I’ve written which I attribute to the fact that I wrote it right after a breakup from a long-term relationship while the emotions were still fresh… I guess now I understand why artists sometimes write entire albums worth of songs about heartbreak, they basically write themselves!

How did you create your sonics and instrumentals to offer this melancholy and emotional tone within "Midnight Heartbreak"? What was your creative process like?

Musically I used dissonant chords and melodies to convey a bitter-sweet tone throughout the song as the verses contrast lyrics about happy times in a relationship and the not-so-happy times after a relationship ends. One of my goals instrumentally speaking was to use new instruments, sounds as well as guitar tones and beats that were outside my comfort zone which further complimented the themes of nostalgia and heartbreak which contributed to making this track stand out above the rest of my catalog. Finding a balance between making the song fun to listen to while still talking about heartbreak was incredibly fun and cathartic and is now my new favorite song I’ve produced. Is "Midnight Heartbreak" the first single of yours that portrays this raw and emotional atmosphere? Or does your music usually touch on themes like this?

Midnight Heartbreak is definitely one of my most raw songs lyrically speaking, however, in the past, I have opened up about other real personal themes. One such example is my song “Hello My Friend” released in 2019 which is about my best friend who had passed away some time before the song. I’m thankful that my music gives me a platform to write and speak about real personal issues whether heartbreak or the passing of a loved one and it helps immensely in the healing process. How would you describe your sound to new listeners? Where would you say you're most comfortable creating in terms of sound?

My sound is hard for me to describe when I get asked this question but if I can summarize it I’d say my music bounces throughout the spectrum of alternative rock and sometimes crosses over to electronic or folk territory among others. I started wanting to produce heavy music but the more I write and experiment with new styles the more that the concept of genre becomes obsolete. New and old listeners alike can expect a lot of variety from song to song. My goal for each new song is for them to have their own signature sound so that they can stand on their own, as well as complement each other when listened to one after the other. What can we expect to see from you in 2021?

2021 is going to be a huge year for my music and creative projects. I’m working on a few new songs as well as some collaborations with some very talented musicians. I was planning on having a music video ready for "Midnight Heartbreak" but due to someone in my small crew catching covid we had to postpone the shoot so hopefully, now that everyone is healthy again we can shoot a nice video for the song with safety being the number one priority.

One more thing I’d like to announce is that an incredibly talented producer friend of mine Christian Son Yap who goes by the name Fox Division did an incredible remix of "Midnight Heartbreak" which will be out on January 15, 2021! When I say incredible I truly mean it, it’ll blow everyone away!

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