Lost James Brings Us Down to Earth with “Chapman’s Pool”

Lost James is a London based artist who just released his debut album “Chapman’s Pool.” Lost James found his passion for music early in life when he taught himself the piano at age 16. He ended up studying the arts and began to perform covers in local settings. Lost James eventually developed into a songwriter and began performing originals. The record’s name “Chapman’s Pool” has sentimental value to Lost James. After University he moved to Dorset, England and one day stumbled upon a small cove called Chapman’s Pool. This ended up being a place he visited many times over the years, then became the title of a song – and now his album. The connection Lost James has to this special place is mirrored in his songwriting. He often references nature in his lyrics; he once stated: “I belong to the mountain and the deep blue sea.” Additionally, in his song “Sunday,” Lost James sings “been climbing trees just to escape from you” and “there’s soil under my fingernails.” The titles “Wintersong,” “Volcano” and “Chapman’s Pool” also fit the naturalistic vibe you will get from this album.

The artwork for the album also consists of polaroid pictures of Chapman’s Pool. Lost James wanted to create an authentic EP that reflected pieces of nature and human emotion – and he succeeded. Each song on this record is stripped down and exposed. They each tell a different story as if they are each a distant memory, yet they all tie together with the common theme of nature and real feeling. The background music is kept to a minimum, leaving room for his peaceful vocals to take the spotlight. There is a soft piano in each track with electronic undertones.

Lost James’ voice will bring you straight to peace once you hear it. Vocally, he could be close to a whisper, yet you would still feel it deep in your gut as if he was singing in his earthy, deeper voice. Lyrically, Lost James transports you to the place he is singing about. In “Volcano” you’ll find yourself dreaming about the deep ocean, and during “In Bed” and “Toast” you’ll want nothing else but to crawl into bed with that special someone. After listening to just one song on the album, you will feel like you know Lost James. His creativity and sincerity are simply contagious. To quote his song “Volcano” - when you listen to the album “Chapman’s Pool;” “you are free.”

Listen to “Chapman’s Pool” here.


Hey Lost James! Welcome to BuzzMusic, we’re pleased to have you here! We loved your album “Chapman’s Pool,” and are especially intrigued by the reason for its name. Can you tell us more about how Chapman’s Pool in Dorset, England has inspired this album?

Chapman's Pool is a place that is very special to me. 19 years ago I found it by mistake driving one day when I lived in that part of the UK. I parked my car and went for a walk and ended up finding a small cove I didn't know the name of it at the time. It's a bit of a mission to get down to it (and back up) and but it's worth as it is beautiful and secluded. I was not in a good place at the time and over the years I've come back to Chapman's Pool and despite the weather, I always feel at peace there. That is where the inspiration came from, how we project our feelings on nature and how a place can be so beautiful and dangerous. That sense of isolation but also being at peace and feeling so connected to something that has no feelings about you in return.

You used to perform covers at open mic nights, what inspired you to start writing original music?    I wanted to play the piano, from an early age, I always wrote songs and lyrics and poems so it was a natural progression you start with covers, listening to other artists it's just a natural progression and you start feeling inspired and more confident you want to find your own voice. I also find writing songs as a way of being able to express what I am feeling in a safe place. 

You studied Fine Art Printmaking at Winchester School of Art. Can you tell us how this has inspired the creation of your music today?

Music and art go hand in hand for me imagery are very important I used polaroids a lot during my degree part of their charm is you get what you get. I wanted the artwork to reflect the mood songs, I wanted it all to be as authentic as possible. The polaroids were taken at Chapman's Pool and for some reason, they all came out blue, they were perfect almost like they were taken on another planet. I released a limited run of cassettes and each song on the inlay card has its own polaroid image, I wanted the physical edition to have meaning, for it to be a beautiful object. The artwork definitely helped me to shape the record and to give it a sense of unity and its concept.

Are there any artists or other people that have inspired your music to become what it is today? Can you tell us how they shape your art?

When I was a teenager I tried to be a goth and I loved Siousxie & the Banshees, The Cure, Sisters of Mercy and would write poems of that nature all very angsty and brooding. There are a lot of artists along the way who I have been inspired by. Tori Amos was a real eye-opener on how to really write from the heart and to allow a song to twist and turn. Nick Cave and The Smiths and Kate Bush have also inspired me. But in the end, it's really about finding your own voice and what you believe in and want to present to the world, I'd be lying if I said there were not influences but I'd like to think what I have created is real and authentic. 

We were happy to have you here on BuzzMusic! We know that another EP is in the works. Can you tell us how the next one will be different than “Chapman’s Pool?”

I already have the songs written so I'm ready to go. The new songs are more expansive and less introverted so I am looking forward to bringing in more elements. I don't want to lose myself but at the same time, I am excited to treat the songs differently and see what happens.