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Lost Kid Gambit Sings His "Dark Thoughts" With an Authentic Debut Single

From Siberia to Israel, and now Toronto, the Alternative-Rock/Electro artist, producer, and singer-songwriter Lost Kid Gambit takes us through his "Dark Thoughts" with a heated debut release.

After being introduced to Hard Rock by his father at eleven, Lost Kid Gambit later formed his metal band by the age of sixteen while also being engulfed in rave culture and Psytrance music. Having played in Portugal, London, Frankfurt, Lisbon, and India, Lost Kid Gambit packed up and moved to Toronto to attend Harris Institute for audio production, leading him to form the record label, SEE THINGS VIVID, alongside TRULY NXSH and TEJ.

Diving into his debut single, "Dark Thoughts," Lost Kid Gambit gives us a glimpse into his vast artistic taste and influences, as he offers a unique fusion of sounds like Hip-Hop, Rock, Metal, and Electronic. Touching on his lyrical content, Lost Kid Gambit brings us into the relatable inner-turmoil one experiences when feeling down and out. We're eager to introduce this single to our readers, as it's not one to forget.

"Dark Thoughts" drearily opens with a haunting electric guitar that plucks its way to our souls, while a dark and pulsating synth makes its way in, carrying a similar flair to a 2012 Grimes. As Lost Kid Gambit begins singing in a low, ominous, and emotional tone, he brings us into the overwhelmed and anxious sensation that an overflowed mind carries.

Once the beat drops, we're met with this mysterious and sensual tone through the incredible production that kicks our low end, and as Lost Kid Gambit would say, takes us six feet under. We genuinely admire the depth within this single, not only through Lost Kid Gambit's emotional lyricism but through the production's mysterious and hard-hitting vibes.

Don't miss out on Lost Kid Gambit's authentic, raw, and emotional debut release "Dark Thoughts," as we're more than sure that the single will make waves alongside Lost Kid Gambit's peaking career.

Congratulations on the debut release of, “Dark Thoughts.” What inspired both the songwriting and production on this track? Which came first?

The inspiration was my latest break up at the time plus moving to a new country and city alone, the production came first and the songwriting after, I started music school at the time and this was my first project due in school(Songwriting class).

With this being your debut single, is this the sound that listeners can expect from you going forward?

To be honest I might have few more tracks with a similar sound but I want my audience to get used to the Idea that I'm always on the journey to new me and new sound so it's never the same. I guess it still will be dark music but a little different each time.

Do you have a favorite part of the creative process that you cherish the most?

Actually, all the creative process is really close to me and enjoyable so I can't choose one, all of them create the final product which is the song that I cherish the most.

What do you want listeners to know about you and the music that you create?

I traveled the world and lived in many places and the main lesson I learned is to keep my mind open so I guess I want my listeners to know that my music's always come from this perspective and never one-sided, it's just an expression of certain moments.


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