Louder's the Roar Is a Rock Band, Enthusiastic About Breaking Through the Yellow Tape of Our Minds

With four members, they employ their raw and unnerving energy to promote unfiltered excitement with no bells or whistles attached. When diving into this Sunny Southern California based group's music, we're soaked by their boisterous and unapologetic character like a sponge.

With Louders the Roar's newest release, "10 Feet Tall" is a rare example of pure adrenalized confidence—but it, too, is emblematic of Louders the Roar's role in their ongoing defection from anything pop sounding. Built atop blazing drum fills, riffing electric guitars, and rumbling bass, "10 Feet Tall" starts unassumingly enough as an expansive, exploring rebel rock anthem. As this tune evokes rock's brash and fearless principles, "10 Feet Tall" progressively builds its momentum through a hurricane of hammering drum breaks and thick psychedelic guitar fuzz that flares up and fizzes down like a bath bomb. When Louders the Roar's trademark bark and bite comes roaring in for the chorus, they are conclusively reinforcing the band's wall of sound rather than bashing their heads against it. And while a throat-shredding lead vocal is highlighted, its timber capitalizes on a raw hypnotic and untethered vibe. But then the tempo breaks down in the second half. The song loses its concise forward chugging momentum before piling on the drums until it transforms into a declaration of confidence and solidarity through a double-time race to the climax of this number. This song's hardcore roots and modernist leanings seamlessly coexist amongst modern rock music but draws inspiration from anthemic 90's hardcore. Louders the Roar has had enough of playing nice, and are unapologetic in their bold step advancing in the Rock music scene.

Listen to "10 Feet Tall" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Louders The Roar! We're absolutely overwhelmed by your vibe. You guys have such an original and captivating sound. Can you tell us more about the inspirations behind the making of "10 Feet Tall."?

First off thank you for the kind words. when you talk about where the inspiration came from for "10ft tall" or any other song you first have to understand where I'm coming from as a father, worker, son..friend, musician.. all these things are valuable and have their importance in life. but when you can create something from nothing (as artists do) its giving life that didn't exist before. Then there's that moment when you get to step on stage and perform the art you've created it makes you larger than life for those moments. Lyrically that's what the song is about. Being in the moment and embracing it in all its glory. Its a feeling not many get to experience and its incredible. Musically the sound comes from all the bands we have played in. We all come from different scenes, different styles, different experiences all melding together into what you here. 

What is something you can all agree upon as being the most monumental staple of influence and inspiration amongst yourselves as musicians? 

The sound comes from a few simple train of thoughts..if the music is intense..the vocals are as well. If the music is upbeat.. the vocals are as well. the music guides the sound of where the vocals will go. It's like following a road map. the directions tell the car to turn left..so we turn left.. we don't try to box in the vocals or the music into a sound. We let it take us where ever it needs to..soft, hard, singing, screaming. it's all on the table. that way we aren't confined by styles but we are free to do whatever the song calls for.

What commonly fuels your artistic expression throughout your days? Is there something you all do together as a band to manufacture these creative expressions?

There are so many things that inspire our writing for ex reading a book, taking a walk, watching a movie, talking with a friend over a whiskey and cigarette. honestly, if you're looking for inspiration its there. You just have to be open to it. because it's everywhere.

It was excellent featuring you here on BuzzMusic! Can you hint to us some of the exclusives you've got coming out this year? Can we expect to find an EP down the road?

Well, we are constantly working on new material. Due to the present circumstances (being on quarantine) we are working on recording (ourselves) some new tracts that will be out in the coming months. It's a never-ending process. We are never gonna get to the point where we feel like we have written enough. Every song is a new challenge and we want it to be better than the last. So yeah, we will be releasing multiple singles throughout this year. 

What can we expect to see from Louders Roar throughout 2020?

Expect to see us around because we love playing and performing. Whether it's by releasing singles, a video, live performances, or virtual live performances. We are coming and we are not slowing for anything or anybody. It's our time to rise!