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Louis Libran Releases New Single "Take Me Back"

“Take Me Back” provides sounds of A.I-generated dark pop: the basslines bounce, synths rush and Louis Libran voice floats you through the song like you're being carried down a lazy river of summer. Just when you’ve closed your eyes and entered groove station an electric hip-hop beat of percussion rises you from your trance. You’re suddenly on a dark dance floor, the pounding bass only matched by the strobe light above and your body grooving across the room. Libran’s music is unique with its electronic pop feel, harmonious verses and punchy choruses- his music conjures resemblances to Gorillaz and Tiesto. Libran is a singer songwriter from the western suburbs of Sydney. He hopes his electronic pop vibe, full of self-love and empowerment will resonate with fans and forge connections through his music.

“Take Me Back” is now streaming on Spotify for your listening pleasure.

Check below for Louis' exclusive interview where the artist sheds some light on the music scene in Sydney, as well as goals for 2019!


Hi Louis, thanks for chatting! Congratulations on your new single “Take Me Back”. What does this song mean to you?

This song for me was an outlet for one of my darkest moments I’ve had recently. It’s a song about awareness and fighting your inner demons. We all have those voices in our head that tell us we are not good enough and sometimes we act on these thoughts. This song tells a story of how a broken heart is reminiscent of better times and in order to get those good times back we need to face our demons head on. This song for me is a cure and a reminder to my self sabatour that I am fierce and not even I can get in the way of my own success. 

Who are you listening to currently that sparks your creative side?

I am always listening to Lady Gaga, she always inspires me. But I’ve also been listnening to Marina and the Diamonds and a lot of Tyler The Creator. Artists like these have always showed me that being vulnerable, honest and raw can be rewarding to the writer as well as the listener. This world can be dark and I think it’s great that people can listen to an artist and know that their not alone. 

Can you tell us a little about your background and what made you want to get into music?

Sure, I come from a big diverse family that encouraged sports and fitness. Naturally I did sports like my siblings and parents but found my passion for music in church when singing to old Latin songs in dusty old books. Church was boring for me as a child but I always looked forward to singing these songs that would stick in my head hours after a service. Fast forward to high school where my pubescent hormones made me lazy and want to quit sports and take up music instead. High school I worked very hard on honing my musical skills and writing skills constantly practicing and performing at school assemblies. In high school I looked up to these artists like Lady Gaga, Queen, Tyler The Creator, Slipknot and didn’t know where I’d fit in the music world. Through a writing a lot of music I realised that I don’t have to fit in a box to be great. And the great ones that I were looking upto broke stereotypes and boxes that people would often try to put them in. 

Growing up west of Sydney, what is the music scene like there?

Music scene is almost none existent. When I say that I don’t mean there are no artists out in the west, i mean gigs and live music for original artists are scarce out here. There is a really cool venue a few streets from me actually where people have opened up their home for bands to play in their backyard. I’ve been to a couple of their gigs they have organised and it is mental. We need more initiative like this in the Western suburbs to help and support these talented artists. 

What can we hope to see from Louis in the future?

You can definitely expect a music video for my new single Take Me Back hopefully within a month. Also, there are a lot of plans in the works right now so this ain’t the last of me. There is a lot coming so stay tuned.


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