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Love Shouldn’t Wait Any Longer With Dinzy In, “Set In Stone”

From Nashville, rock artist Dinzy steps on the accelerator of her career with her new euphoric single “Set In Stone.”

Dinzy, also known as Kristen Dinsmore, is a singer and songwriter creating her mark with hard and loud rock. Having experienced some intense moments of hard luck is not greater than the love for life, and you can shout it through rock and roll. Listening to Dinzy’s music is getting your daily dose of rock full of energy and adrenaline.

“Set In Stone” places you in a story of an expected love. You met someone who has got your heart beating faster than usual, and you want more from that person. The tension from the desire is increasing. You can’t take it anymore. Thus, you tell that person not to wait any longer and give in to you. You are not “Set In Stone” anyway.

Hit the play button on “Set In Stone” and enjoy the powerful instrumentals with fast-paced drums and a distorted guitar filling the air. The bass sounds like a buzzing march inviting you to go for it without hesitation, building the energy. At the same time, you get Dinzy’s vocals so empowering and exceptionally skilled. There are heavy Iron Maiden vibes here. The song was written with Colin Poulton (guitarist).

Listening to “Set In Stone” envelops you in an ambiance of excitement. It is passionate and cathartic. It is a burst of impulse turned into music so relatable. The whole instrumentals show mastery, and the guitar solo is simply epic. Besides, Dinzy’s expression when singing is contagious. You can immerse in her music and feel it.

"Set In Stone" was recorded in Nashville. It was Mixed by Brett Ryan Stewart Wirebird Productions and mastered by Alex McCollough True East Mastering.

Get ready to receive a recharge of life when listening to “Set In Stone.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Dinzy. What experience inspired “Set In Stone”?

Thank you! Happy to be here. The beginnings of relationships can be exhilarating and soul-igniting, but they can also be confusing and admittedly daunting, especially in our current climate. There begins a back and forth for feeling each other out and setting or not setting some intentions. Sometimes those intentions are not set, and you might be find yourself in a game you didn’t intend to play. This is a call for seizing the moment, getting down to the nitty-gritty, and having a blast while doing it.

What were your most significant musical references that inspired “Set In Stone”?

This song was definitely inspired by the rock sound of the 80s, and I’m not mad about it. The way recorded it, and the way Set In Stone was mixed (by Brett Ryan Stewart) makes you feel like you are at a live rock concert circa 1987. As the lyrics and melody were being formed, I could immediately hear that echo and grit reminiscent of a Pat Benetar or Heart tune, backed by raging guitars and a powerhouse band. I love the aesthetic of the live recording sound, and it’s just what I was hoping to emulate, especially in the midst of today's music. What did you like the most about making “Set In Stone”?

Definitely the studio time. There’s nothing better than getting all your mates in there and just throwing everything on the table and seeing what inspires and comes to fruition. I do have to say I’m a sucker for a guitar solo and the harmonizing guitars were something I couldn’t live without. How do you hope “Set In Stone” will impact your listeners? What message would you like to get across?

This is really a fun throwback to a different era, and I hope some nostalgia is felt and maybe inspires a pathway and admiration back to this type of genre.

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