"Love Somebody," with ANTi's Passionate Sophomore Single

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, the versatile pop artist, singer-songwriter, and producer ANTi releases his sweet sophomore single entitled "Love Somebody."

Sharing a sonic link to acts like Prince, INXS, Peter Gabriel, and Phil Collins, ANTi mentioned that he's an 80s pop nerd living in a TikTok world. Always ready to break the rules and bend the norms of contemporary pop music, ANTi has racked up thousands of streams as a co-writer and producer for other Nashville-based artists.

Soaking in the passion of his sophomore single, "Love Somebody," listeners are able to grasp the natural talents and performance abilities that ANTi has to share. When asked about the single, ANTi mentioned this, "'Love Somebody' is a synth-pop anthem in the vein of Charlie Puth and Nick Jonas destined for on-repeat summer playlists and backseat makeout sessions."

Expanding on the single, "Love Somebody," the venture opens with soothing keyboard melodies, slow 808 kicks, and a soulful synth arrangement. As ANTi makes his beautiful vocal appearance, he sweeps us off our feet with lyrics that delve into loving someone for all of eternity. We adore the passionate and sensual feel of this single, as it delivers all the love and tenderness we need nowadays.

With the addition of a bright baseline and snappy drum breaks, ANTi continues his passionate vocal venture while inducing a sweet groove to abound any listener who graces this beaming single. As he makes his way to the picturesque outro with help from his lively electro-pop production, the song comes to a close, and we're left basking in the glory of ANTi's natural talent.

Don't miss out on ANTi's latest single, "Love Somebody," now available to bump all summer long on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, ANTi. We're head over heels for the passion and soul you've delivered within your latest single, "Love Somebody." What or who inspired you to create this powerful ballad?

The last year obviously was a challenge for all of us. Beyond having the world shut down and not being able to perform or tour, 2020 sort of depleted me creatively in unexpected ways. It was the first time since I can remember that I wasn’t writing or working on music in some capacity almost every day and for whatever reason, I just wasn’t inspired. Days turned into weeks turned into months, and I became more disconnected from the creative process.

So, funny story, I signed up for an online production/songwriting course taught by Ryan Tedder (one of my heroes) in early spring of this year, with mild hopes that it would maybe force me to exercise those creative muscles and commit to finishing some new songs. I didn’t have any expectations of really producing anything release-ready, but it just so happened that the second song I was working on for the class became “Love Somebody” and it felt like a kind of lightning in a bottle moment. I normally don’t write straight-up love songs. Usually, I would gravitate towards something a little more tongue-in-cheek or explore a relationship theme from a more conflicted point of view, but I kind of reflexively wrote the first verse and chorus about when I met my wife, and the rest of it sort of just poured out without much effort. There was a purity in the entire lyric that I really liked, even though on the surface it seems incredibly simple and repetitive.

How did you create the sonics for "Love Somebody" to be so groovy, mellow, and passionate? What sort of atmosphere did you aim to deliver?

I’m a huge ‘80s music geek, so that element is never far removed from most, if not all of my solo work. I initially started just by programming this percolating drum groove with all these percussive and interesting textures that felt like Phil Collins or something, thinking it would create this forward movement throughout the song, given that it is a slower mid-tempo, and I just really wanted to create this sort of musical bed that you could almost lay in as a listener. The lyrics are about the comfort and familiarity of lasting love, so I wanted the music to express that comfortability to a degree. Those big, pillowy ‘80s synth pads and warm 808s just felt right to me, and they just let the vocal glide over the top of the track.

Was it easy to write lyrics straight from the heart for "Love Somebody?" Or was this process somewhat challenging, seeing as you're opening your heart and being so vulnerable?

Admittedly, I think that because I was writing this song more like an exercise or an assignment, at least initially, I was actually more vulnerable in a way because I didn’t have any preconceived notion of putting it out or officializing it to any degree. The bigger challenge was writing it completely by myself, as I often lean on my co-writers for their skills in the lyric and top-line departments. So to be able to really say what I wanted to say and edit it down to a distilled form of the idea was definitely a challenge in and of itself. The feeling I had when it was finished, though, just reminded me in a big way of the power of writing something true and authentically you.

Seeing that "Love Somebody" is your sophomore single, how does it relate to your debut single, "Back 4 U?" Do both songs share a similar lyrical theme? Or are they somewhat different?

“Back 4 U” and “Love Somebody” might be two sides of the same coin, I guess you could say. They come from the same encyclopedia of my musical influences but lyrically are almost polar opposites. “Back 4 U” is more uptempo and aggressive, really meant to be more tongue-in-cheek, a fictional account about a crazy ex, propelled by bright keyboard stabs and Andy Summers-meets-Prince guitar. I was in more of a Chromeo mindset on that one, production-wise. “Love Somebody” is a rebuttal to that song in a way: extremely personal and based on real experience, and a musical atmosphere you can sink into as opposed to one that sort of pulses the room. To me, it feels like a soundtrack ballad from a late ‘80s movie mixed with a little bit of Charlie Puth or Nick Jonas.

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you?

I’ve got more singles and works-in-progress in the pipeline that I hope to continue releasing this summer and fall, especially given my long hiatus between the first two. I’m feeling really inspired again and am currently writing and producing nonstop both for myself and some other new artists I’m really excited about. Stylistically, I hope my new songs expand my spectrum a little more, maybe a little more R&B-tinged, some may be more bedroom pop, but still with that overall synthpop gloss that I can’t live without.