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LoveLazer Invites Us Into Sonically Lush World Of, “The Road Is Hard (When Your Enemies Are Many)"

Introducing LoveLazer, the artist and creative transporting listeners into lush sonic worlds through intricate synthwave releases. LoveLazer chooses to remain faceless and anonymous, letting the music speak for itself. His music is inspired by elements of synth, darkwave, and 80s SciFi movies, creating his complex and compelling sound.

The single “The Road Is Hard (When Your Enemies Are Many)” preludes LoveLazer’s upcoming album, ‘Neon Lovers.’ We can’t wait to experience more from this talented creator soon.

Now, let’s dive into LoveLazer’s compelling track, “The Road Is Hard (When Your Enemies Are Many).” According to LoveLazer, this track is one for the underdogs of the world. He notes how every day is a struggle for some and how this song is “a battle song for those that feel like the journey is hard, to not give up. Face that obstacle and just overcome it.”

Kicking off the track, we are immediately transported into an electronic, ethereal landscape. Shimmering synths scatter across the soundscape, fostering a safe and comforting feeling for the listener. As the intro progresses, deeper and heavier elements begin to creep their way in, creating a rumbling and ominous undertone to the track.

The song picks up with captivating energy and a groove with driving percussion and electronic elements that create a bold and powerful presence throughout the track, and we are eating it up. “The Road Is Hard (When Your Enemies Are Many)” is an immersive experience for the listener.

Let yourself be carried away into the sonically lush and rich world LoveLazer has created, and stream throughout “The Road Is Hard (When Your Enemies Are Many)” today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, LoveLazer, and congratulations on your latest release, "The Road It's Hard (When Your Enemies Are Many)." You've mentioned that this song is for the underdogs, to not give up, and to face the obstacles that may come their way. Was this inspired by things you've had to overcome personally throughout life?

No, not really, I mean, I've had to overcome things and move forward, but everyone has to in life. You see, when I make music, I never set out with an intent for a song to be or sound a certain way. I start writing and just let the song make itself. I'm just there to mold the sounds a certain way and make the pieces fit.

What sort of listening experience did you want to give your audience with "The Road It's Hard (When Your Enemies Are Many)." How did you want the song to make them feel?

The feeling or vibe I got from this track is kind of like a struggle, a path that is blocked by an overwhelming force or by many, and it feels like a battle of sorts to get through. This is just like life itself. Every day, people battle with inner demons and outer ones, myself included. Wars are waged internally and externally, and we all have them. But the vibe of the track for me is a hard path, and every step is pushing through the struggle. I guess this is what I hope people hear in it.

Who have been some of your major musical inspirations over the last few years of your creative journey?

Oh man, that's a loaded question. Music that has inspired me over the course of my band I really love, is Sigur Rós, and I've listened to them since around 1999. They are so amazing at what they can do. They make such powerful music that really moves you in so many ways. Absolutely nothing to do with Synthwave or EDM in any way, but they've always inspired me to want to make music that conveys an emotion or makes you feel a certain way.

What sort of atmosphere and vibe did you want the instrumentals and production to give off in "The Road It's Hard (When Your Enemies Are Many)?" Who helped bring the sonics to life?

I just wanted a bit of a darker Synthwave vibe or tone for this track, but as I said before, I like to let the songs write themselves, and I feel I got an interesting mix. Not quite the Synthwave vibe I set out to get, and more leaning into an alternative EDM/Dubstep mashed into Synthwave vibe. I think the change came when I swapped out my standard bass Synths, as the track took on a whole different kinda sound then.

What's next for you?

The next thing will be finishing my first full-length album titled 'Neon Lovers.' So I hope this single will get people interested in hearing what comes next.



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