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Lovesick Makes Their Debut With “…Hoping This Is the End…”

Emerging from the cutting-edge trio of The Elevator Drops, Goolkasian, also known as The Texas Governor, has unveiled his latest collaboration, LOVESICK. This project sees Goolkasian harmonizing his talents with painter and singer Heather Joy Morgan, with assistance from Adam Wade of the Funeral Party and Palana. LOVESICK explores the duality of love through an electro-cabaret of rock & roll experiments. Their debut album, "...Hoping This Is The End...," balances playfulness and melancholy.

Contributions from renowned bassist Tony Garnier and producer Ross Cisneros add depth to tracks like "Holiday," while "We've Been Down This Road" showcases the vocals of a singing Italian Greyhound Puppy named Cozimo. Echoing the influences of Bowie and Beck with a distinct, fresh sound, LOVESICK's album marks an exciting new chapter in Goolkasian's musical journey.

"Blue Skies of Mars" opens LOVESICK's album with vivid, hypnotic synths and faded vocals. Its happy, nostalgic melody floats over lyrics about hope and anticipation, creating a cosmic dreamscape. The second track, "Holiday," slows things down, setting a leisurely tempo that transports listeners to a relaxing beach day. The laid-back piano melody and plucked bass line playfully dance beneath lyrics that express a longing for escapism.

The melody of "Nostalgic Blue" can only be described as such — nostalgic. Its reverberated bass and echoing vocals are reminiscent of old radio tunes, whilst the lyrics hold a theme of remembrance and reflection. "When You Hold Me Down" continues the journey with a calming soundscape created by a warm guitar strum. The soft adlib vocals emphasize the confessions of loving surrender, blending vulnerability with comfort in a serene sonic composition.

The mood shifts with "Something's Going On," which begins with an intriguing drum pattern and distant mellow horns, eventually breaking into a rock-infused symphony. It's a refreshing surprise that disrupts the tranquility and adds a layer of complexity to the album's narrative. "Please Hold" provides a short, 15-second breather, cleansing your ears and setting the stage for the next act. It's like an intermission during a live performance, a quiet moment of anticipation before the drama resumes.

"This Is Just Another Love Song" tugs at the heartstrings with its soft melody and heartfelt lyrics. It's a tender confession of loneliness wrapped in a sweet serenade, extending the album's exploration of love's different facets. "All This Rock & Roll" revives the energy again with a catchy guitar melody and raw rock vocals. Reminiscent of 80s rock anthems, it nods to the genre's roots.

"We've Been Down This Road" ends the album on a more somber note. The hauntingly beautiful soundscape, soft melody, and vocals evoke images of distant memories, creating a reflective ending to the musical journey.

LOVESICK's album, "...Hoping This Is The End..." navigates the vast spectrum of love, from longing and loneliness to nostalgia and surrender. It's a testament to the group’s ability to blend genres and emotions, showcasing love's splendor and madness.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lovesick, and congratulations on your grand debut of 'Hoping This Is the End.' How did you come up with the album's name, "...Hoping This Is The End...?" It’s the last line of the song, Blue Skies on Mars, a reference to questioning the nature of reality at the End of the film Total Recall. It also seems funny in a vaudevillian -rotten tomatoes - kind of way that our debut record is entitled with a plea for it to be the end. Which - reminds me - surprise - here is our instant follow-up record…Lovesick VS Terry Palmer …this MUST be the end… What was the songwriting and production process like when creating this album?

Giant question. I was going through a divorce, and I started talking to the Artist Heather Joy Morgan, who lived a million miles away in Brooklyn, and we fell in love. We were having a blast being that happy couple that seem so in love they make everyone around them sick! Hence the name Lovesick. We began writing songs, and it was fun figuring out all the things we could do as a duo, especially while locked up together during the pandemic. Once complete, I handed the record to Ross Cisneros at Studio Geist for mastering. He instead took the record and began to have fun with it. He had Tony Garnier (Bob Dylan’s sort of Band Leader and Upright Bass player) lay down some Bass on Holiday. Ross has worked on strings with Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lana Del Rey, so he helped us open up our sound with the drama we were looking for.

"We've Been Down This Road" features a singing Italian Greyhound Puppy, Cozimo. How did this unique feature come about?

You can’t stop Cozimo from singing! he joins in whenever Heather hits a certain note and completely takes over. So he pretty much insisted on contributing a vocal. Which song on the album was the most challenging to create?

Working with Ross flowed with ease and fun, so I could honestly say none of it felt challenging.


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