LowKeyyTM Is Back With Visuals To Match Another Hit, “Turning”

LowKeyyTM is back with a new single ready for us to vibe to! We took a listen to his track titled “Turning” and this resonated with our mood and showcases LowKeyyTM's aesthetic perfectly. It was an emotionally convicted single that had a urban trap production to the beat while maintaining the passionately driven projection in the vocals. LowKeyyTM reminds me of the nostalgic hip-hop stylings of artists like Lil Peep. He knows how to create an impact with his music due to how so many people can relate. LowKeyyTM gave us highly relatable lyrics with catchy punchlines and a soulful melodic delivery. LowKeyyTM knows how to keep his listener on the path of different melody arrangements and dimensions to the song. “Turning” is a straight-forward punch to your emotions while keeping its versatility intact. If you’re longing for a single that you can simply vibe to, then “Turning” is that record for you. It’s great for seeking vulnerability through music. LowKeyyTM never fails to impress us, and he just constantly proves to us why he’s the next big thing to come out of Cambridge, Canada. Another hit single under his belt, LowKeyyTM should feel highly secured in his future in this industry! It’s as bright as a light.

Tristan Molina (LowKeyyTM) is originally from Cambridge, ON. Tristan found his passion in urban music through artists such as Nessley, Lil Peep, and Swae Lee. With the guidance and encouragement of talented musical mentors KVNE and $olomon, LowKeyyTM has been able to find his own sound and establish his craft and the direction he wants to take his music. Independent music label Killa Kartel assists LowKeyyTM in getting his music out to the public and refine himself as a well-rounded artist. His music contains a variety of emotions such as pain, love, addictions, and accomplishments that relate to his life.

Stream "Turning" here, check out the new visuals below and keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with LowKeyyTM.

Welcome back LowKeyyTM! How has everything been since we last spoke!? Any major changes?

Hey everything has been going pretty goodz! Have had some ups and down but that won’t stop me! For major changes as an artist I feel like i have developed extremely over the year with my voice and writing!

“Turning” seems to have a strong lyrical message behind the the song. What was the meaning of this record?

The meaning of Turning is for me is that I’m just trying to chase my dreams and achieve my goals without being to distant from others. With that it’s busy working everyday and doing music, sometimes I don’t have time for people who mean a lot to me so I don’t want to disappear or think I don’t care for them.

What was the most challenging aspect in writing “Turning” for you LowKeyyTM?

I think the most challenging part was trying to fit the whole “don’t turn you’re back on me” message. I wanted to to mention relations that I have and also how I’m thriving for my goals without losing people who mean the most.

In what ways were you able to personally relate to “Turning”?

I’m personally able to relate to the whole song! As I wrote for myself and for others who feel the way same. People who scared to loose the ones they love and sometimes don’t alway pay attention to the little things. 5.

Anything we can look forward to from you this fall?

Yes many things! I’ll be releasing more singles on Spotify and Apple Music and I’ll be dropping a few EP's/singles on SoundCloud throughout the year! On September 13th, KVNE is dropping his new project “CATHARTIC”, which I’m happy to be apart of! It’s truly an unreal project and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the year will be for myself and the rest


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