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LPFM Gives Us a Piece of Heaven With their Incredible Talents

Los Angeles music industry veteran LPFM has given the indie world a new voice. Their latest release, “Underneath,” is a strong follow up to their stellar 5-track EP, ‘voices’ released March 2020.

LPFM has given listeners a slice of heaven in this latest single, the heavenly reverberated vocals will instantly transport listeners to cloud nine “Underneath” is only a piece of the talent and creativity that LPFM has to offer; we are certain that they deserve the success that has lead to them dominating in their scene.

2020 has gratefully given LPFM space and time to be creative. Once “Underneath/Love Iz No.3” was being mastered and ready to be released, they were hit with a desire to start their third EP immediately.

Taking inspiration for the movements that 2020 has had to offer, they have released a 3rd EP called 'Open' that they released in August 2020. Their authenticity and vulnerability as songwriters have allowed them to deepen their connection with listeners. Keep a watch out for LPFM next release.

Check out our recent interview with LPFM, here.




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