Lu! Moves With Caution in, "Watching Our Steps"

Lu! is a young, eccentric, London-based artist who was raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and born in Taipei in Taiwan.

His sound is velvet smooth, layered alt R&B that combines raw instruments with a strong, ethereal sound selection to make his tracks stand out as experiences. In combination with reflective lyrics about the struggles that come with being creative and making it your career, the songs stay authentic to Lu! and others in a similar realm as him.

The dark undertones of his latest single, “Watching Our Steps,” plays into a tantalizing universe that serves up atmospheric energy. Sending a surge of intensity through his passionate timbres, Lu! manages to create a dire sense of anticipation that lures you into the progressions of this song. With each word carrying its weight for an impactful juxtaposition that showcases the brilliance of his cascading flows, we’re shocked by the contrast of delicate hues that send out a bolstered tone in the conveyance in front of us.

Through enticing percussion patterns, the distant use of opulent guitar riffs sustaining through the sound system, and of course the intricate cadences that keep us on our toes courtesy of Lu!, there’s a unique avenue that flourishes with both themes of mystery and certainty.

“Watching Our Steps,” sends an empowering vigor our way as we take in all the pent-up angst that Lu! lets out, once and for all. With lyrical motifs such as, ‘I do not just fold I got a spine. I will not mix not with the wine,’ we realize that there is more to him than meets the eye. Creating music for the creator, the do-ers, and dreamers, he has us fully embracing his Hip-Pop background.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Lu!, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, “Watching Our Steps.” You truly keep us guessing through this track, and we love that sense of anticipation that overflows. What was the main inspiration behind the creation of this song?

Thank you very much, happy to be here! I'd say both me being spending Christmas alone for the first time due to the lockdown and the fact that not everyone always understands my conceptual style of thinking. Sometimes that leads to a misunderstanding and I think a lot of creatives suffer from this. At that moment I went through something like that and that sparked the inspiration for the song!

In your own words, what does it mean to you? What are you hoping your listeners take away from the messaging and emotion implemented?

I hope they absorb the message that it's ok to think and act independently while also accepting that not everyone will end up understanding that. I also hinted at misinformed public opinions. One line demonstrates this perfectly: 'I cannot add water to the wine or they'll be no wine left, I can't understand why they are lying, they got a smartphone but a dumbass'

How does “Watching Our Steps,” compare to your previous single, ‘Good For You’? Were there differences you encountered in the creative process?

For this song, I did most things myself since I was locked up in my house (I also had covid during this week) so my good friend from Botswana, Solo Otto had just sent me this amazing beat to which I instantly wrote the chorus. So for this one, I had very little outside input. I enjoyed it though, I usually like collaborating but it was nice to just zone in and not have other people in the room.

How do your inspirations of Brent Faiyaz, Frank Ocean, and The Weeknd speak into the music that you create?

I'd say their melodies and somewhat laid-back feeling flow into my songs. I personally dislike really happy songs but emo/sad songs are also not my thing, so I aim to find a nice middle-ground. People want to hear lyrics about real stuff, not just about fairy dust and roses ahahaha. This is what those artists have achieved very nicely in my opinion! It's music made for sunrises, sunsets, and late nights.

What's next for you?

In the second half of July, I'll release my next single and my very first EP. I can't tell you guys too much but these two first singles are a nice taste of what's coming. Alt R&B, with slight hints to soul, pop, and alt hip-hop. However, on the EP you'll also find some less electronic and more acoustic sounding tracks, which is a bit of a departure for me. I fell in love with neo-soul this year, so I'm definitely taking some inspiration from that. For this one, I've truly found my image and identity, although a good artist reinvents himself constantly so we'll see what happens after that! You guys will hear from me sooner than later.